5 items of military origin also available for civilians

The most advanced technological elements of the outdoor industry tend to start off as products developed for the military and then spread to civilians.


Waterproof breathable fishing jacket for men and women:

+ 100% breathable and waterproof
+ Retractable hood and neoprene cuffs
+ Lots of storage
– Lacks an inside pocket

Scierra Kenai Pro Wader Jacket Shake

+ Warm and waterproof
+ Super well cut

– The price

While consumers may not always be able to purchase military-grade items, many brands with military contracts are also creating consumer-oriented products that are durable enough to withstand raids, desert walks, and wear and tear from active duty. .

Here are 11 top-notch items you can buy right now from brands that make equipment for the troops.

Veste Outdoor Research

Available in red, blue or khaki, the HELIUM II jacket is designed to perform in tactical situations. This piece has a durable, stretchy Gore-Tex fabric (designed specifically for military use) and is paired with fully sealed waterproof seams.

Despite all this technical fabric, the jacket is still light and breathable. It also comes with a halo hood compatible with a combat helmet.

Danner Rivot TFX

Think about how fast you wear your shoes, then imagine walking all over the world in this pair. Danner’s non-insulated boots are built to last a lifetime.

The athletic fit leaves a little wiggle room for your toes. In addition, the sole provides significant traction on the pivot points, which means you can easily change direction without slipping.

The Rivot TFX also features a Gore-Tex lining, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable in a wide range of weather conditions.

Arc’teryx LEAF Cold WX Parka SVX

The Cold WX Parka SVX is the ultimate down jacket. It has a removable insulated hood that is compatible with glasses, as well as a variety of pockets inside the coat, under the arms and on the chest to contain everything you might need. She was designed specifically for special reconnaissance tasks, but could easily handle the city’s frigid days.

Rocky S2V Tactical Military Boot

The Rocky’s S2V Tactical boots are lined with durable and abrasion resistant Cordura nylon, coated with PTFE for flame resistance and made with water resistant leather.

The Vibram sole provides much-needed comfort and traction when you’re on your feet all day, and S2V Sieve technology allows air to flow through your boots.

The technology also makes it easy for water to flow out of the boot, whether you’re wading through streams or pouring water on yourself to stay cool.

In addition, the boots are Berry compliant, which means they are made in the USA with American made components.

Darn Tough Tactical Lightweight Sock T3005

Darn Tough’s hiking socks feature 1,441 stitches per square inch, and the military-grade seamless versions do as well. There’s no slipping or bulking, they’re breathable, and most importantly, they’re incredibly durable. They’re made from merino wool, which means they’re naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.

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