A year of hunting and illusion is coming!


Just a few days ago the Media Veda closed And although the wild boar is already offering its first steps, those of the youngest have to wait until October, which seems far away in view of the desire for the forest that we have not lost, but which arrives sooner rather than later and this year with great enthusiasm, because if something generates me the hunting season 2021-2022, is that …

Illusion and desire to hunt!

Hunting season 2021-2022: A year of hunting is here!

Between pandemic restrictions and “Government slaps”, Last season it did not look what it should have, nor did I enjoy it as I would have liked, but it is not advisable to look back or to gain momentum.

In addition, in these struggles, hunters are specialists in renewing illusions year after year, although sometimes it involves lying to ourselves, that we do it, knowing that every start of the season we force ourselves to repeat the gesture and yet, I would almost say which is a healthy attitude, because the day we do not do it, the day we do not go out with hope to the field, that day we will be lost.

And I must admit that I am the first to join the list of innocents and assimilate the deception, the first to whom, the night before, preparing the supplies, it is impossible to imagine that something could not go well, the first to whom that night , it is difficult for him to fall asleep.

And this hunting season 2021-2022 is not going to be different, because if there is something in this activity, it is that it is impossible to lose your taste, no matter how many years you have been practicing it.

It hooks like a drug and there is no treatment that separates you from it.

Hunting season 2021-2022 | Hunting Notebook

New preserve, new modalities …

The fact is that I am anxious to reach that month of October when my 2021-2022 hunting season begins and I glimpse it, as I said, with great enthusiasm for the experiences that await me from then on, which are many and varied.

Coto de sorda premiere in Palencia and I have high hopes for it, since it has been more than five years since I have chased the Lady between pines and oak groves. I’ll tell you what anecdotes it has in store for me and if my “clinical eye” is capable of overcoming the obstacle of that first year in which everything is new and uncertain.

I am also going to hunt the deaf in Madrid and Asturias. What I want to know and experience, because it implies another novelty for me, without prejudice to continue doing it in my traditional hunting ground, in Cantabria, the same one that always insists on reminding me of the hardness of stalking woodcocks among holm oaks, geese, brambles and thorns.

I will return to try my luck at the Saja. I chose from the last, but I was lucky and I think I chose well, practice will tell me, meanwhile he proposes new environments for Figo and Crono to put instinct and talent to the test.

And this campaign I will repeat with the partridges in Burgos, surrounded by friends, so if the sets are not accompanied, a good gastronomic tribute will surely shed light on the day.

Small game and also big game …

But I am not going to limit myself to the pen, in this new hunting season 2021-2022, not everything is going to be woodcock and partridges.

A hunt in Salamanca, in which I will again take the opportunity to visit friends, offers me the opportunity to hunt wild boar from an unprecedented perspective and different from the one I am used to in my land, exchanging gascoons and hounds, for rehalas of hounds and bulldogs, among other distinctions.

With that Big Gang 136 to which I belong, this year we will return to enjoy the Saja mountains and especially, a lot that I am looking forward to, because I already found it loving and interesting when I discovered it for the first time hunting the deaf … We will also see what surprises we from to.

Later, Palencia and La Rioja also have two other batters reserved for me, which I have well marked in red on the calendar.

And some roe deer hunt I will also sign up so as not to lose the habit …

Hunting season 2021-2022 | Hunting Notebook

Going out to the field must be non-negotiable!

Many things, many news, but above all, a lot of hunting and good experiences, which is what makes me most excited.

That illusion that should never wane, because going out into the field should be non-negotiable and the best medicine to combat those who are waiting for denying us.

Good luck in this new season that begins …

A hug and the mountain!

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