Best 2-person tent: TOP 5 for camping and hiking

What is the best 2 person tent on the market?

Nothing like going on a trip with a loved one or, why not, with a friend, in search of an adventure. Both scenarios are achievable and very common these days. What do you need ? In addition to a lot of desire and conviction, a tent for 2 people.

So you will both have the space you need to spend the cold nights or hot mornings. This is where another question comes in: what is the best tent?

Which 2 person tents to buy? The 5 best value for money

Difficult to know and difficult to choose just one. There are many models on the market. Some are better than others and cost less than professional models.

It is about knowing how to choose. But don’t worry, in this article you will find out what the best 2 man tents are right now and some important details on how to buy them. Don’t miss it!

  • Forceatt 2 Person 4 Season Tent | Ideal for Camping, Hiking | Double Doors, Waterproof, Windproof, Easy to Install and Transport | 4 Colors and 2 Sizes.

    • ???? 【Spacious for 2 people】: The size of the 2 person tent is 230cm X 140cm X 110cm (90.55 X 55.11 X 43.30 inch) , can accommodate 2 bed air mattress. can feel comfortable and spacious whether you are lying flat, lying on your side or sitting.
    • ????【Applicable scene】 : Ideal for 4 seasons, it can be used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnic, fishing, etc. Of course, it can also be placed in the garden for children playing the game.
    • ????【Moisture proof and waterproof】: This camping tent is made of high quality 70D polyester fiber and 210T waterproof coating, Rainfly and oxford fabric floor has passed waterproof test, PU3000mm , and the corners and zippers also have a waterproof layer. of these materials can keep the inside of the tent dry in rainy or humid environments.
    • ???? 【Double Door Design】: You can enjoy the different scenery by opening the doors from both sides , and if you need to leave the tent when others are resting, you can choose the nearest door.
    • ????【Longer service life】 The mast is made of 7001 aluminum. It has good elasticity and hardly damaged, which can ensure a longer service life. We sincerely hope that these tents can accompany you on every pleasant journey.
    • ????【Sincere service】 : No returns required! Free replacement! Making you a satisfied customer is our main goal, if you are not satisfied with the use process, please contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide a full solution for you.The rod material for this item .
  • Grand Canyon CARDOVA 1 – tunnel tent for 1-2 people | ultra-light, waterproof, small format | tent for trekking, camping, outdoors | Capulet Olive (green)

    • ???? CARDOVA 1: Robust tunnel tent for 1 to 2 people – packaging dimensions Ø13 x 56 cm / weight 2200 g / water column 3000 mm (waterproof)
    • ????Single pole structure – Quick installation even in bad weather – The inner tent can be set up separately. – For more freshness or sleep under the stars – The mesh inner tent
    • ???? Great view when the weather permits, protects you from insects – Lightweight fabrics and components – You reduce your load and take more stuff – PU-coated flysheet and floor, taped seams – You stay nice and dry, even in the event of heavy rain
    • ???? High arch – For more comfort in your tent – Reflective shrouds – To find your tent more easily and prevent you from tripping – New colors for spring / summer 2020
    • ???? Choose the color of your tent according to your tastes and desires
  • Forceatt 2 Person Camping Tent, 4 Season Waterproof Anti UV, Ultra Lightweight Easy Dome Double Layer Tent for Picnic, Hiking, Trekking, Camping

    • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT】 The internal size of the Forceatt camping tent is 86.6 × 51.1 × 43.3in (220x130x110cm), which can accommodate two people simultaneously. At the same time, its packaging size is 41 x 14 cm and its weight is 2.58 kg (5.68 lb), which saves space and is easy to carry.
    • 【MATT QUALITY MATERIALS】 The tent material is high quality 75D polyester fiber and windproof, waterproof and wind resistant 7001 aluminum rod. At the same time, the welded floor design improves the bottom of the backpack. Four wind ropes can be added to make the tent stronger in the wind.
    • 【PROFESSIONAL DESIGN】 There are two D-shaped doors in the tent. The outer account has two vestibules. The top of the tent has a large mesh window and two ceiling vents for air to circulate, and the high density micro-mesh fabric effectively resists tearing while ensuring air circulation
    • 【QUICK SETUP AND REMOVAL】 To save your precious time and effort. Our tents can be assembled and dismantled quickly. It only takes 3 minutes to get a perfect personal space. And it can be taken apart in less than 2 minutes, taking the hassle out of a traditional camping vacation.
    • 【PERFECT AFTER SALE】 No need to come back! Free replacement! Making you a satisfied customer is our main goal. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours and provide a full solution

Coleman Cobra – Small but ergonomic

Coleman Cobra Sleeping Tent, Blue / Gray, 2-Person

Coleman Cobra Sleeping Tent, Blue / Gray, 2-Person Ergonomics are important for any tent. To know which 2-person tent to choose, you don’t just have to look at whether it is pretty or if it has a color that you like.

The tent must be ergonomic and workable in all situations. Imagine you are hiking in the woods and it starts to rain out of nowhere.

Obviously, in a case like this. The best thing to do is set up your tent very quickly and wait for the rain to pass. But for that you need a product like the Coleman Cobra tent . It is so easy to assemble and use that anyone in the world can do it.

This way you will be safer and more secure. Because you can get settled in less than 10 minutes. You won’t get wet and everyone will be happy.

In terms of space, it is clearly designed for a couple. However, a little cramped, we can accommodate three or even four people without problem.

The material and the joints are quite firm and this model is very resistant to the passing rain. It is possible that in case of heavy rain. It takes a little more work, but it will hold up well anyway.

The wind will not be an obstacle. Because it is equipped with very sharp metallic sardines. They will be driven into the solid ground where you wish to assemble it. It is, without a doubt, one of the best purchases you can make. And for such an affordable price, you can’t miss it.

Coleman Bedrock – Ready for War

best Coleman 2 person and sleeping tent, Bedrock 2, Green, 2 People

Do you remember those stories about WWI and WWII?

Few will remember that the soldiers slept in private tents. Most often made for two people and equipped with a comfortable arrangement to spend the night. This is the case with Coleman Bedrock tents for 2 people.

It is a model that stands out for its hardness and firmness. Also, because it looks a lot like the one we saw in the old wars. You will certainly not be in danger. But you will be protected from dangerous animals or insects that might roam the night.

The model and shape of this Coleman are quite peculiar. Its design is characterized by a long, flat floor and a strongly curved roof. Thus forming a kind of mini triangle.

The good thing is that the top of the tent is fully sunk. This increases its hardness and makes it less vulnerable to insect attacks or any other type of threat.

You can get this model on Amazon cheaply, so you should take advantage of the offer ASAP.

Coleman Crestline – The most comfortable

Coleman Crestline - Best 2 Person Tent

One of the most important factors for a tent is comfort.

Still wondering how to choose your 2 person tent? Focus on the fact that comfort is the key. In that sense, the Coleman Crestline model is perfect. Especially with its very low price

This tent has a dome design which expands your space evenly. Both horizontally and vertically. Two people find their place perfectly. You will still find enough space to accommodate another person or a small bedside table.

The material of construction is an important part of this model. In fact, it is a compact and lightweight tent. Made of polyester taffeta, a very strong material and resistant to almost everything. Even with sharp objects.

The design offers plenty of storage space. Allowing you to store everything you need on your hike or travel. In addition, you will have a selection of practical pockets and a comfortable welcome mat.

Naturehike Cloud-up – A classic model

Today’s tents are very different from the old ones. They have a lot of futuristic new features and perks that are pretty cool. But not always the best choice.

For example, the Naturehike Cloud-up model is a proposition between an old tent and a new one. It is a balance between traditional design and advanced tailoring. In order to avoid water, leaves and other materials from nature which could be very inconvenient.

One of the biggest advantages of this tent is that when packed it becomes a very compact product. Much more than the rest of this list. Only 40 × 13 cm. A size compact enough to fit in a small bicycle basket.

Ideal for anyone who hikes and doesn’t want to have to carry a large tent on their back.

Coleman Coastline – The Ultimate 2 Person Tent

Coleman Coastline - Tent (2 people), green and gray color

Some tents stand out for their good height. Others do it because they have good seams.

While there are others which are ideal because they are very easy to set up and provide additional benefits.

However, there are also others that are perfect because they combine all of these features into one model. This is the case with the Coleman Coastline. We have already introduced you to its big sister in our article on the best 4-person tent. It’s a product that has a bit of everything.

It is about one of the tunnel tents, that is to say those which have an elongated and particular shape. This makes it one of the more spacious tents on this list . Where two people fit perfectly. But it also has enough space to accommodate five people.

It also has ventilation windows. With small holes open enough to capture natural oxygen and small enough to keep mosquitoes out. To give you a better idea, go to Amazon and order cheaply.

How to choose the best 2 person tent?


In a two-person tent, space plays an important role. Obviously, these are tents that usually don’t offer a lot of space. Because they are intended only for a few people.

However, it is also important that there is additional space beyond two sleeping places. This is for the comfort of the users and to have the possibility of including other things inside the tent.


The design of a tent in general can vary widely. However, when it comes to a two person tent. The ideal is for it to be triangular.

That is to say the typical classic model, which has a bathtub floor as a base and a sloping roof, which forms a perfect triangle. In this way, it will have a very ergonomic design and create more space for people.


It is essential to be comfortable. There is nothing quite like camping, hiking, getting lost in a forest or climbing a mountain. Knowing that after dark, you will have a tent that is comfortable enough to sleep in. Comfort is defined by the extent of the tent and the degree of padding of the interior.

Easy to put in place

It is quite boring to buy a tent for two people and not know how to pitch it. This happens often.

Sometimes we are so happy with our purchase that you don’t even realize that you don’t know how to assemble or disassemble the product. Don’t worry, it’s more common than you might think.

This is why, before any purchase, you must check if there is a manual which explains or guides you how to set up and take down your 2 person tent.


It is very important that all tents have ventilation, no matter how small. Most tents have seams that are so strong that they tend to block any ventilation. Making breathing difficult.

This means that it is almost impossible to sleep at night. Therefore, before you buy any of these products. It is always recommended to ensure that it has sufficient ventilation to be able to maintain a good breathing rate.

Best brands of tents for 2 people

  • Skandika – Tents made by Skandika are generally very spacious and well ventilated, making them one of the best tents available today.
  • Naturehike – If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish and waterproof 2 man tent, don’t hesitate to opt for one of the Naturehike models.
  • ColemanColeman tents are one of the most recognized internationally, sold around the world and are the most used when it comes to two person tents.

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