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Best 8 Person Camping Tents To Buy In 2023 (Review Guide)

Going on a camping adventure with your family or a group of friends? If yes then here are the best 8 person camping tents you can buy on Amazon in 2022.

Best 8 Person Camping Tent Review

There are many types of tents and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But if you’re planning on going out with a large group, the most efficient way to camp is to use a larger tent. If you are planning a trip with 7 or 8 people, a best-rated 8 person camping tent is a great choice if you want both comfort and storage space. Before buying a tent, you should look at the overall design and features to see if they are high quality or meet your needs. But to help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the 9 best 8 person camping tents that come with some great features. What’s more!

Best 8 Person Camping Tents To Buy On Amazon

#1 Best Seller

Vango - Odyssey 800 - Vis-a-Vis Tunnel - Family tent - For camping - 8 Persons - green(Epsom Green)

Vango Odyssey 800 Camping Tent


Price Drop Best Seller #2

skandika Montana 8 - Tunnel Family Camping Tent - 700 x 310 cm - 8 Person (Blue)

Skandika Montana 8 Family Camping Tent


Price Drop Best Seller #3

Grand Canyon BLACK FALLS 8 - round tent for 8 people | Family tent, group tent, pyramid tent, teepee | Capulet Olive (Green)

Grand Canyon BLACK FALLS 8 Round Tent


Best Seller #4

skandika Nimbus 8 8 Person Family Tunnel Camping Tent Blue 615 x 605 cm

Skandika Nimbus 8 Tunnel Camping Tent

#5 Best Seller

Laredo GT Camping Tent - XXL model ideal for families or groups (8 to 9 people) - 100% waterproof - Easy assembly - Turquoise and Gray

Laredo GT Camping Tent – XXL Model


Price Drop Best Seller #6

your GEAR Tent Ravello 500, Teepee for 6-8 Persons Family Tent Headroom Floor Sewn Waterproof 5000 mm Blue Gray

Your GEAR Tent Ravello 500

Price Drop Best Seller #7

your GEAR Camping Tent Desert 8 Person Teepee Headroom Cotton Family Tent with Sewn-in Groundsheet and UV50+ Protection

Your GEAR Camping Tent Desert (8 Person)

#8 Best Seller

BYDBELT Camping Tent 5-8 Person Dome Tent, Waterproof Tent, Lightweight Trekking Tent, Family Tent with Carry Bag for Rain 240x240x135cm (Blue)

BYDBELT Camping Tent Dome Tent for 8

Best Selling #9

skandika Hurricane 8 - Tunnel Family Camping Tent - 8 Person - 700x405 cm (Blue)

Skandika Hurricane 8 Family Camping Tent

How To Choose The Best 8 Person Camping Tent – B​uying Guide


When we talk about eight-person tents, the size of the tent refers to the number of people that can fit comfortably in it. The size of a tent can be difficult to determine because an 8 person tent may say it can accommodate 8 people, but would really be more comfortable with 7 people plus gear. A good way to judge the size of an 8 person instant tent is to read 8 person tent reviews. Reviews can indicate how many people slept comfortably inside the tent and how much space was left for storage.


The best 8 person camping tent will have a durable construction that withstands weather elements like wind and rain. Most tents use a pole system to build the tent frame, which you then attach to the tent body to keep the frame supported. A best quality 8 person camping tent will have a variety of intersecting tent poles to build the structure and should have a solid construction. Metal and fiberglass are popular materials because they are strong and lightweight, but you also have to consider the construction and check if it is weather resistant.


Ventilation is important as it will keep you cool and dry. An 8 person camping tent is well ventilated and can therefore be used for 3 or 4 seasons of the year. In the summer, ventilation increases air circulation so hot air can escape, but when the temperature drops, you also need ventilation to prevent condensation from building up. Eight-person tents that are also four-season tents will come with vents, windows, and grills to keep you warm and dry by reducing condensation.


The main purpose of designing an 8 person camping tent is to provide a group of campers with protection from the outside elements. The best 8 person camping tent will put protection front and center in its design. After all, a tent that cannot adequately protect campers would be useless. 8-person tents should provide protection from wet weather and wind. The tent should use a durable material that has a fully waterproof coating so that any moisture beads up and slides off the sides. Also, a strong frame will ensure that your shelter will not collapse on windy days and you will not be exposed to the wind. But there are many types of camping and if you find yourself in the winter,


When camping with a large group, you can safely assume that you will be car camping, as it would be difficult to carry the necessary gear for a group of eight people. If you add the weight of your tent to this gear, it might be impossible to take what you need for a long excursion. Most campers planning to go on an adventure with a family of eight will not be carrying the tent long distances, so weight is not an important factor, but campers should be aware of the weight of their tent. to determine if they need assistance in transporting it to its location. Most tents weigh around 30 pounds, but you can find much lighter or slightly heavier models.


Tent poles are the heart of your tent structure and construction. The best 8 person camping tent will have strong poles that are also flexible and easy to use. Metal is a great material because of its strength, and it can also be made lightweight. Whatever type of pole your 8 person tent will provide you with, you need to be sure it can support the structure of the tent and is easy to erect. A few of the top-rated 8-person camping tents use color-coded poles for faster pitching. If you are concerned about the durability of your tent poles, you can read 8 person tent reviews and see what other buyers have to say about the poles and their design.


When camping with 8 people, space is very important because you want to be sure there is enough space inside the tent for everyone and their camping gear, while also providing a feeling of intimacy. Some 8-person tents manage space well by including removable partitions. The product specifications should tell you the dimensions of the interior space and whether partitions are included in the design. For a private space, it would be best to use an 8-person tent that includes at least one room divider.

Ease of Installation

Large tents can be a hassle to pitch, but the best 8 person camping tent will have a smart design that can be done in minutes.brand 8 person tent Most of the 8-person tents on our list can be pitched in about 15 minutes. However, you may like the 8 person instant tent design, which should be ready to pitch in just a few minutes, but ease of pitching will most likely depend on the tent pole design and instructions. . A highly rated 8 person camping tent will use a smart system like color coding to make it easier to install the pole structure. Additional features, such as clips, can make it easier to attach the tent and keep it connected to the pole structure.


Material is an important consideration, as you want your tent to be protective, durable, and tough. Synthetic materials like polyester are a great choice as they are durable and can be treated to be completely waterproof with a polyurethane coating. Polyester is also lightweight which means for 8 person family tents you can save some weight. However, the downside of most synthetic materials is that they are only warm enough for one to three seasons. If you want to venture out in the fall or winter, it’s best to use a natural material like canvas. Canvas is an excellent material because it is breathable and waterproof. It doesn’t matter whether you choose synthetic or natural material, you want a tent that will last for years. Quality materials should not deteriorate if properly maintained by campers. The 8 person review of tents can be a great resource for determining the quality of a tent’s material. Reviewers can indicate the degree of protection of the material and whether it is durable or not.


Tent layout can be an important consideration if you plan to use camping furniture like air mattresses or cots. You should be able to find a diagram of the tent layout easily, so you can plan accordingly. 8-person family tents should also state what type of camping furniture their layout can accommodate and how many pieces will fit comfortably.

What Are The Most Important Features of An 8 Person Camping Tents?

The two most important features of 8 person family tents are the level of protection they offer and their construction. An 8 person tent should offer protection from rain, wind and possibly snow. Protection must therefore be at the forefront of the design. 8 person tent priceThis means quality materials, but also durable construction. The quality of construction of an 8 person instant tent can determine if the tent is worth the investment and if it will be durable. A durable build should provide all the protection you need and be ready to be taken apart and put together, trip after trip.

How To Clean and Store A Camping Tent?

The best way to clean your tent is to follow the brand or manufacturer’s instructions. Most tents can be cleaned with water and gently rubbed with a soft sponge to remove dirt. Be careful, however, to use detergents, as they may damage the coating of the material, but you should always keep your tent dry. Moisture is the enemy of tents and if you store your tent damp it is prone to mold growth or simply rotting. A dry tent can be safely stored in a dry place during the low season.

How Comfortable Is A 8 Person Camping Tent?

The level of comfort will depend on how much gear you have inside your tent. An 8 person tent should be able to accommodate 8 people and contain a few gear items. The majority of eight-person tents are extremely comfortable as they have a spacious interior that can fit a few air beds and leave room for gear. The best 8-person tent also has plenty of headroom, so you can stand comfortably inside without having to crouch down.

Do I Need Room Dividers?

Whether or not your 8-person tent comes with room dividers will depend on the design and your personal choice. Some models include up to three partitions to compartmentalize the interior space to preserve privacy. If you want more privacy, you should look for a model that has at least one room divider. It should be stated in the product specifications whether or not your tent has room dividers.

Final Verdict

Camping is a fun activity for the whole family with many health benefits, but what’s not fun is being stuck in the rain. The 8-person family tents are designed to provide campers with comfort and protection with a spacious design that can easily accommodate the whole group and their gear. With our guide, we hope you find the best 8-person tent your family can enjoy for years to come. Hope you find this best 8 person camping tent review helpful. 

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