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Top 5 Best Elevated Hunting Blinds For 2021


If you go for a hunt very often, you must have realized the importance of a hunting blind. If you plan to hunt and are looking for the best elevated hunting blinds, our review will help you choose the right one!

Besides masking your presence in the wild, an elevated hunting blind serve many other purposes. So, every hunter needs to have one in their hunting gear.

Our review of the best elevated hunting blinds is all you need to find and target your desired animals and end up with a successful hunt. So, let’s keep reading and find the one that matches your needs!

5 Best Elevated Hunting Blinds

Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark 600 Series Permanent Hunting Blind

Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark 600 Series Permanent Hunting Blind

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Marine Grade Synthetic Tarpaulin
  • 2-Way Adjustable Windows
  • 4-Sided Shooting
Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind

Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind

  • Side walls and roof all in one piece
  • 4 zip open windows
  • One zip open door
Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind

Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind

  • 8 windows
  • Zip-up door and windows
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • 4x4 feet base area
Millennium Treestands Blind

Millennium Treestands Blind

  • Heavy-duty weather protection material
  • Zippered front entry
  • Multiple window configurations
  • Weight 13.25-pounds
Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits

Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits

  • Fits: bdt-500/514 quad pod
  • Fabric only
  • 4 zip-out windows
  • Zipper entry

Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark 600 Series Permanent Hunting Blind

Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark 600 Series Permanent Hunting Blind


The Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark hunting blind is an affordable and portable option for anyone with a limited budget. While being constructed with a robust steel frame, we cannot question its durability. We like the steel frame as it allows the hunting blind to handle extreme weather conditions.

As severe weather always comes like a surprise while hunting, the frame of the Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark elevated hunting blind will keep you safe without even moving an inch from its position.

As with the shell, this elevated hunting blind offers a unique construction. Unlike many other blinds that come with a closed plastic wall, the Rivers Edge LM601 Landmark elevated hunting blind is equipped with a marine-grade tarpaulin.

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Although this material isn’t the strongest one out there, we can still expect nice coverage while hunting. One advantage of the material is its ability to pass light and wind. In this way, you won’t feel packed inside the hunting blind.

Another impressive feature is the dome-shaped roof. It is particularly useful for bow-hunters as they can stand up inside the blind without hitting their head on the ceiling.

The extra-wide space in the hunting blind also accommodates several hunters at a time, and the 4-sided windows allow you to shoot from any direction. In this way, the Rivers Edge LM601 hunting blind offers a wide range of options to hunters.

Specific Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Marine-grade tarpaulin shell
  • 7-feet height
  • Adjustable windows
  • Spacious interior
  • The quality of materials used in this hunting blind is amazing.

  • It is easy to set up with the provided instructions.

  • You can open the windows both vertically and horizontally.

  • You can also adjust the width and height of the windows.

  • As the windows the different from other elevated hunting blinds, they take time to get used to.

  • The windows get blown away by the wind.

Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind

Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind


The Guide Gear 2-Man tower blind comes with exceptional features and robust material, making it the best elevated hunting blind for deer hunting.

The overall construction of this hunting blind is secured with a strong steel frame, which doesn’t let it move even in harsh weather conditions. Besides, the shell consists of weather-resistant fabric. We also like the shell material because it comprises the perfect combination of convenience and functionality.

The zippered windows also allow you to zip them up in the rain to prevent any water from getting inside the blind.

While offering the right protection from harsh weather, the Guide Gear 2-Man elevated hunting blind is super-easy to carry with the lightweight design.

Unlike some elevated hunting blinds, it also blends with the woods and makes your presence unnoticed by the wild animals. In this way, your target animals won’t see you from a distance, making it easier for you to hunt.

The scentless shell fabric is perhaps the most impressive and useful feature for deer hunting. Although the hunting blind will be elevated from the ground, the deer can still smell your presence. In this case, the scentless shell will mask your presence, and you will hunt without any deer running away!

The ceiling of the Guide Gear 2-Man hunting blind is another useful feature for tall hunters. As it provides extra headroom, you won’t hesitate to stand inside the blind.

Specific Features:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Zippered windows and door
  • Weather-resistant shell
  • Scentless fabric
  • The overall zipped entry and windows are perfect for protecting you from rain and harsh weather.

  • Taller people can also stand straight inside the blind without their heads hitting the ceiling.

  • This hunting blind is also excellent for bow hunting.

  • The scentless fabric with camo print is ideal for hunting deer.

  • The openings need to be wider.

  • The quality needs improvement to handle harsh weather conditions.

Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind

Rivers Edge 48028 Outpost Tower Blind


If you prefer going on a hunt with a friend only instead of going in groups, you don’t need a large and expensive blind. In this case, the Rivers Edge 48028 tower blind will serve the right purpose!

This hunting blind can easily accommodate two people. The interior is also spacious, and you get a lot of headroom to stand without hitting your head.

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However, we only recommend this elevated hunting blind to expert hunters or those who want to upgrade their already bought hunting blind. It is because this blind does not come with a complete kit. It only includes the cover.

So, you will have to buy the steel frame and ladder separately.

The Rivers Edge Outpost tower blind is a perfect choice if your hunting area regularly faces rain. The zipped windows and door will protect you in extreme weather and keep the inside dry while it’s heavily raining outside.

The shell also features a weather-resistant fabric so that you can stay dry inside the hunting blind. Besides, the camo print makes it the perfect game-changer while hunting wild animals. It makes you indulged in the woods, and the animals won’t even get a hint of your presence!

The 8 windows of this hunting blind are perhaps the most impressive of all the other features. It slows you to hunt from all directions. The zip-up windows are also convenient to use and offer a wide field of view.

Specific Features:

  • 8 windows
  • Zip-up door and windows
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • 4×4 feet base area
  • The camo print makes it a great choice for hunting.

  • The eight windows allow you to view from all directions.

  • The zipped door provides an easy entrance.

  • The base area is wide enough to accommodate two people.

  • The quality is amazing, and the cover fits perfectly.

  • You have to buy the ladder and frame separately.

Millennium Treestands Blind

Millennium Treestands Blind


If you are looking for the best elevated hunting blinds for rifle hunting, look no further than the Millennium Treestands blind.

The ladder attachment is perhaps an impressive feature, making it easy for you to reach the hunting blind.

We like the overall robust construction and high-quality materials used in the Millenium Treestands elevated hunting blinds. It seems like the company pays utmost attention to quality and makes its blinds strong enough to stand the test of time.

The weather-resistant and heavy-duty material, along with a camouflage print, makes it a dual-functioning hunting blind. While the cover protects you from rainwater, the quiet material and camo print makes it easier to hunt your targeted animals while masking your presence.

The fact that this hunting blind offers various concealment options has inspired many hunters. While the zipped front entry is convenient for hunters, the blind also allows you to remove the upper portion if you don’t want to get covered. In this way, it becomes the best elevated bow hunting blind.

The several windows and wider area also keep you relaxed and safe inside the hunting blind.

Specific Features:

  • Compatible with L-110-SL and L-220-SL ladder stands
  • Quiet material
  • Camouflage print
  • Multiple windows
  • Zippered front entry
  • The material is of fine quality, and the hunting blind is well-made.

  • You can adjust the top of the blind and even remove it.

  • The zippers are durable to tackle harsh weather.

  • The hunting blind is lightweight and easy to carry.

  • It doesn’t come with a storage bag.

  • The material can become noisy in freezing weather.

Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits

Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits


For anyone looking for top-rated elevated deer blinds, the Big Dog hunting enclosure will be the last stop!

The soft and weather-proof material makes it the perfect spot for spending your time while it’s raining outside. Like other elevated hunting blinds in this review, this one also comes with a camo-printed fabric.

Thus, you can set up this hunting blind in the wild without the animals getting a hint of your presence. In this way, it makes your hunt a lot more convenient.

The Big Dog hunting blind also comes with a zippered entry and four zip-out windows. As the shell provides optimum coverage, you can stay protected and dry in harsh weather while hunting.

This elevated hunting blind is the right choice for those who want to upgrade their previous hunting blind with a better-quality shell covering. It is because the package includes the fabric only. If you don’t have to frame or ladder already, consider buying those separately!

We like the four larger windows on the Big Dog elevated hunting blind. It provides a wider field of view and allows you to hunt from all directions. But, the zip-out windows require you to unzip the whole window in order to hunt.

Specific Features:

  • Includes fabric only
  • Four large zip-out windows
  • Zippered entry
  • Camo print
  • Waterproof material
  • The fabric fits perfectly on the frame.

  • It is easy to install and works well.

  • The robust material makes it the best elevated hunting blind for the money.

  • The zippered entry and windows offer convenience while hunting.

  • It might not be suitable enough for the off-season.

What features make an elevated hunting blind worth it?

  • Material

No one wants a poor quality elevated hunting blind that won’t even last a season.

When you are investing money, why would you buy a cheap blind?

So, the material plays a huge role while choosing an elevated hunting blind. As these blinds are at a height from the ground and offer coverage to hunters, the frame and shell material should be robust enough to tolerate harsh weather conditions.

  • Accessibility

An elevated hunting blind should be easily accessible. It means that the door and windows should offer easy entry and exit. Many hunting blinds have a zippered entry, which expert hunters like in their blinds.

Besides, the zippered windows also allow you to hunt while standing inside the hunting blind. In this way, you can access the animals and end up with a successful hunt!

  • Field of View

What’s the purpose of a few small windows that don’t even allow you to see outside?
Yes, that’s the point here!

The windows of the blind are the only source of connecting yourself with the outside world and knowing what’s going on outside. While many elevated hunting blinds have several windows, they don’t offer a better field of view.

This restriction is usually due to the windows being too small.

Especially for bow hunting, the blind should come with many larger windows that allow you to see your target animals from all directions without any interruption.

Final Words

A portable elevated hunting blind is packed with several useful features to make your hunt convenient and successful.

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Our review of the best elevated hunting blinds contains in-depth details of each feature of the hunting blind. As elevated hunting blinds are usually expensive, we make sure you invest your money in the right place!


What is the suitable height for an elevated hunting blind?

The optimum height of an elevated hunting blind is 5 to 10 feet above the ground. However, the height may differ according to your hunting style and preference.

What kind of hunters need elevated hunting blinds?

All hunters can have an elevated hunting blind! This kind of blind is best for expert hunters who have made hunting a permanent part of their life.

What is the best elevated hunting blind for deer hunting?

The Guide Gear 2-Man Universal hunting blind comes with a camo printed and scentless fabric. It masks your presence in the woods, making it the best deer hunting elevated hunting blind.

Do elevated hunting blinds provide a wider field of view?

When compared to ground blinds, the elevated hunting blind allow a wider field of view. You can view your target from all directions while staying at a height.

How do I waterproof my elevated hunting blind?

Many expert hunters use silicon spray to make their hunting blinds waterproof. It is also suitable for weather-resistant hunting blinds.

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