Camping meal idea: 40 simple and original recipes


Discover without further delay a number of camping meal ideas for fabulous moments outdoors.

Camping food doesn’t have to be fancy or boring. All you need to do is include a few of these tasty camping food ideas on your menu and you will be eager for mealtime to arrive.

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Tips for cooking while camping

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Take a good camping stove with you. You can cook on a two burner camping model and that’s about all you’ll need to cook like at home. The trick is to make sure your stove provides good wind protection and fire control . We recommend this camping stove.

Prepare what you can in advance. Make your life easier once you arrive at the campsite by doing some of the work in advance:

  • Cut the vegetables,
  • pre-cut the meat for the skewers,
  • prepare your marinades and sauces.

You will thank us when you have a little more time to relax at camp before you have to start cooking.

Start with dishes and techniques that are familiar to you. If you’re new to camp cooking, prepare for success by choosing meals and cooking techniques you already use at home. Remember, it’s not possible to order takeout for a Plan B. So this might not be the time to try a soufflé for the first time. Fortunately, most of the dishes we share with you are fairly easy to try on your next camping trip.

Camping meal idea: breakfast special:

A good day in the great outdoors starts with a good breakfast. Here are some of our favorite ideas for a successful camping breakfast. Oh, and don’t forget the camp cafe.

1 / Apple and sausage sandwich

meal idea camping breakfast

I discovered this sandwich a bit at random during a fishing trip in Lapland. I can assure you, that it is a real treat. In fact, few things are as satisfying as a good breakfast sandwich when camping. It contains all the signature ingredients of the American breakfast, gathered in a convenient to-go packaging. This recipe includes homemade apple and maple sausage patties, melted cheese and a fried egg.

2 / Banana pancake

Who would settle for a plain pancake, while you could start your morning with banana pancakes. Just add nuts, bananas and a spoonful of brown sugar to start the day with real delight.

3 / Frittata en fonte

meal idea camping breakfast

If you’re looking for a hearty camping breakfast, look no further with this frittata recipe. An Italian specialty sketch. Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and shallots. All topped with cheese and eggs, the frittata is a wonderful way to start the day.

4 / Halloumi sandwich for breakfast

Four words: FRIED CHEESE AND EGGS. This is one of our favorite camping breakfasts!

5 / French toast

meal idea camping breakfast

French toast is a camping classic. It’s an easy recipe is simple. By following the basics you can make the perfect French toast, every time!

6 / Apple and cinnamon pancakes

Light, chewy and full of incredible apple flavor, these cinnamon and cider pancakes are the ultimate fall breakfast for camping. If you love spiced cider, you are going to LOVE these pancakes. You can see our article on fall walks to prepare yourself mentally.

7 / Chorizo ​​sausage and chopped sweet potato

meal idea camping breakfast

A minced sweet potato with crumbled chorizo ​​and diced green onions. This super satisfying one-pan breakfast is the perfect way to start the day.

8 / French toast sticks

These French toast sticks are quick on the table and are fun for kids and adults alike.

9 / Super Seed Apple Oatmeal

meal idea camping breakfast

When you need a quick, no-frills breakfast that isn’t boring. So prepare a jar of this apple porridge. It contains chia, flax and hemp seeds for additional nutritional support. On top of that, it’s sweetened with cinnamon apples.

10/ Chilaquiles

Do you know a typical Mexican dish? This is a great easy camping meal idea for breakfast. Crispy tortillas simmered in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with a few eggs. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare it, and it’s vegetarian, too.

11 / Chickpeas for breakfast

meal idea camping breakfast

For an extra boost of protein, we’ve replaced traditional potatoes with chickpeas in this simple hash breakfast recipe.

Camping meal idea: lunch special:

After a day of hiking and outdoor adventure. Nothing like coming back to camp and enjoying a good meal while relaxing around the campfire.

12 / Dutch oven chili

camping meal idea

This Dutch oven chili and cornbread recipe is a complete meal that cooks in just one pan. It is perfect for camping in cool weather.

13 / Foil bags for boiling shrimps

These foil shrimp pouches are quick to prepare, easy to clean and can be cooked right over a campfire or barbecue. Just assemble your ingredients, seal them inside using foil and parchment paper. Then place them on your campfire or grill.

14 / Sausage sandwich with peppers and onions

camping meal idea

Caramelized onions and peppers are the perfect accompaniment to brats!

15 / Dutch oven enchiladas

Cheese, spicy and very filling. These Dutch Baked Enchiladas stuffed with vegetables are a campfire favorite.

16 / Fish tacos grilled over a campfire

camping meal idea

These Campfire Grilled Fish Tacos couldn’t be easier to make! Season the fish with lime, chili and cumin, then grill it over the heat. Fill a tortilla with a scoop of spicy corn salsa and enjoy.

17 / Grilled gyro skewers

Grilled lamb, tomatoes and halloumi cheese served with a yogurt sauce. It’s like a gyro on a stick!

18 / Grilled chicken and vegetable skewers

camping meal idea

A simple marinade and fresh veggies make these chicken kebabs a healthy option for your next camping trip.

19 / Tacos au Halloumi

Halloumi is a grilling cheese and we think the perfect way to use it while camping is stuffing it into tacos!

20 / Grilled ratatouille skewers

camping meal idea

These vegetable kebabs would be a colorful and bright addition to any camping menu.

21 / Paella at the campfire

We often camp on the coast. So we always pick up fresh shellfish on the way to the campsite so that we can prepare this paella over the campfire. Simple but amazing!

22 / Protein pasta in one pot

camping meal idea

Why settle for a bowl of carbohydrates when it can also be packed with protein. We use lentil pasta in this one-time meal to improve the nutritional profile.

23 / Beef Stroganoff in one pan

Our version of one of our favorite comfort foods. This beef stroganoff is easy to prepare in just one pan.

24 / Sweet potato and black bean tacos

camping meal idea

This vegan taco is packed with herbal goodness. Roasted sweet potatoes, charred peppers and steaming black beans.

25 / Dutch oven lasagna

This lasagna baked in a Dutch oven over your campfire is full of cheese.

26 / Potato and peanut stew

camping meal idea

This hearty stew is full of flavor and will warm you from the inside out. Perfect for camping trips at the start or end of the season.

27/ Chili Mac

This one-pot chili macaroon is a tasty and satisfying camping meal. Cheesy noodles, perfectly browned ground beef, and protein-packed beans. Everyone will love this nostalgic one-pot meal.

28 / Campfire pizza

camping meal idea

Make pizza night part of your camping menu. This pizza bakes in a cast iron skillet over your campfire and can be made with all your favorite toppings.

29 / Red beans and Dutch oven rice

Smoky, spicy and deeply satisfying, this hearty one-course meal is a camping adaptation of kidney beans and rice.

30 / Chicken brochettes with pineapple

With their tropical flavors, these Pineapple Chicken Skewers are an easy, hassle-free camping meal. Perfect for summer grilling.

31 / Dutch oven vegetable stew

camping meal idea

This vegetable stew is a great Dutch oven camping meal that’s filling and full of flavor.

32 / White bean chili

A delicate balance between spiciness and sweetness. White Bean Chili is a great one-course meal for warm-weather camping. A little lighter than the traditional tomato-based version. White chili is just as tasty and filling.

Camping meal idea: Side dishes and salads

When planning your menu and deciding which camping foods you want to include, think about the entire meal.

We often focus on the main course. However, the sides you serve are also important to complete your meal.

Here are some of the best easy camping companions that you’ll love.

33 / Bundles of grilled asparagus

camping meal idea salads

Grilled asparagus wrapped in crispy prosciutto. These quick and easy prosciutto asparagus bundles are a great way to add some flair to your camping happy hour.

34 / Dutch oven cornbread

With green chiles and cheddar cheese, this Dutch oven cornbread recipe brings comfort food to camp a whole new level.

35 / Mexican grilled corn

camping meal idea salads

We love to serve this dish with a simple grilled steak.

36 / Panzanella salad with peaches and tomatoes

camping meal idea salads

This panzanella salad is like a hit album of summer flavors with slices of peaches, tomatoes and basil. If croutons are your favorite part of a salad, this one is for you.

37 / Nachos at the campfire

This nachos recipe is very easy to make, whether for an aperitif or a gourmet dinner. moreover, it can be served with all your favorite toppings.

Camping meal idea: desserts

What better way to end a meal than with a campfire dessert? Try one of these recipes on your next trip and let us know about them.

38 / Dutch baked apple cobbler

camping dessert meal idea

Use your Dutch oven to bake this simple apple cobbler on your campsite. You can prepare the garnish at home before you go out. So that this dessert can be prepared without much effort.

39/ Le banana boat

A favorite of children and adults alike, banana boats are a camping classic.

40 / Quick and easy apple crisp

camping dessert meal idea

If you don’t have a lot of time. So this apple crisp is so easy and just a dessert after the fact!

Fine camping meal idea

We hope you and your family enjoy these camping recipes. If you want more, then we’ll quickly bring you easy camping meal lists and lots of other great and tasty recipes on our outdoor activity site.

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