The CaniHunt PROTECT DOG ARMOR V2 vest is made of high quality puncture and abrasion resistant materials, thermoregulating and protects your hunting dog from game and helps to distinguish it on the hunt.

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The extremely resistant PROTECT PRO CANO vest model has been designed to prevent puncture and abrasion.

For this, CANIHUNT has chosen to add an additional layer of ballistic fabric and additional protection for the thighs and shoulders. What makes the PROTECT PRO CANO vest the most powerful vest on the market in terms of protection and perforation.

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the characteristics of DOG ARMOR V2

Covered seams

This technique allows us to obtain greater flexibility and prevents the dog from injuring itself by the edges.

Two neck extensions

These two neck extensions, already delivered with the vest, are removable by Velcro straps. The upper neck cover is equipped with an additional buckle, which improves the fit of the collars.

Back flap

The extended rear flap, in addition to the normal closure, prevents the vest from opening.

Composition du gilet CANIHUNT DOG ARMOR V2

Outside the CORDURA 1100 TEX®

Ultra-technical with a RIPSTOP® structure: A tear-resistant fabric that remains constant even in the most aggressive biotopes.

100% POLYETHYLENE anti-perforation fabric

3 layers on the main part (thorax) and 2 layers on the anterior part (neck) for a high performance anti-perforation vest, high performance, extreme flexibility and superior maneuverability.

Thermoregulating OUTLAST® LINING

Made up of microcapsules, the lining creates a constant microclimate on the skin.


OUTLAST® REGULATING HEAT The OUTLAST® microcapsules included in the liner absorb excess body heat from the dog. Even if your dog’s temperature drops again, it will give him excess heat back. The OUTLAST® thermoregulatory lining creates a constant microclimate on the dog’s skin, improving its well-being.

Tightening buckle

The tightening loop makes it easy to place and secure the vest on the dog. Instead of zippers, the buckle makes it easier to adjust the correct size.


The outer covering fabric of the PROTECT PRO CANO vest is a CORDURA 1100 DTEX with a RISTOP structure, it is almost tear-proof, it is resistant to most abrasive biotopes, while leaving a very high mobility for the dogs thanks to its extreme flexibility. This fabric is treated with a 2-layer induction, which allows the vest to be water-repellent and almost waterproof. This also helps protect the anti-perforation fabric from moisture and UV rays. An ultra resistant sewing thread has been selected to limit its deterioration.

Rubber insert

The rubber insert allows contact pins from various remote trainers to be added to the vest. If the BC is used without a pulse trainer, the supplied collar completely covers the recess and prevents any possibility of suspension.

Reflective stripes

The dog is visible in all situations thanks to the reflective bands on the vest, on which a phone number can be noted.

Miscellaneous questions about the CANIHUNT DOG ARMOR

How to wash the protective vest?

You can clean the hunting vest in a washing machine at 40 ° C maximum. Use normal laundry detergent, but no fabric softener.

For which dog is the vest suitable?

Some of the common breeds and their standard sizes like:

  • Dachshund: 50 Dachshund dog armor V2 special size for Dachshunds
  • Jagdterrier: 55
  • Slovensky kOPOV et similaires: (65) 70 (75)
  • Small Münsterländer: 75
  • English pointer 75-80
  • Magyar Viszla (80)
  • Deutsch Kurzhaar / German Shorthaired Pointer: (80) 85
  • Deutsch Drahthaar / German Wired Pointer: 85
  • Griffon 85
  • Weimaraner 85 (90)

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