CUTCO Hunting Knife Review: Our Take On This Famous Knife

CUTCO Hunting Knife

CUTCO Hunting Knife

CUTCO Hunting Knife

  • Straight Edge Gut Hook
  • High Carbon
  • Stainless 4 3/8" SE Blade
  • 5 7/8" Durable Black Kraton handle
  • Leather sheath and lanyard included.

CUTCO Hunting Knife

CUTCO Hunting Knife


Are you gearing up for your next action-filled hunting trip? Then you must be looking for the best hunting equipment. While a hunter needs to arrange for a lot of things before the trip, finding the sharpest hunting knife always remains the biggest struggle. Don’t worry and read our CUTCO hunting knife review because it might be your chance to find the perfect hunting knife for yourself.

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One of the most-selling and most-reviewed hunting knives in 2021, the CUTCO hunting knife series seems to be the most unbeatable of all. Coming from a brand that has established its reputation over years, the CUTCO hunting knives are made to provide you value for the money you invest in them.

If you are new to the world of hunting and are looking forward to investing in a knife that goes along you for a long, this CUTCO hunting knife review will most probably convince you to invest in our favorite from the CUTCO hunting series, namely the CUTCO hunting knife 5717.

So, without further ado, let us get started with the most extraordinary features of this knife:

CUTCO Hunting Knife – Features and Specifications

While there is so much we can talk about when it comes to the CUTCO 5717 Straight Edge Gut Hook Knife, we deem it better to stick to only the most useful features in a hunting knife for the sake of clarity and brevity, both. So, keep reading and you will be done in no more than some minutes:

Practical Designing

Mostly, people think of stylish hunting knives as something of no use since the style mostly takes away the sharpness and griping ability of the knife. Thankfully, that is not the case with the CUTCO 5717.

For starters, the knife comes with a leather sheath protective covering as well as a lanyard. Coming to its blade, it is a solid drop point with a gut hook at its spine. The gut hook allows for better dressing and skinning of animals during the hunt and makes the hunting process faster.

Now, this gut hook is the reason this knife complements several blades too, making it versatile enough to allow some repairs. The drop point feature, on the other hand, designed with a slope is intended to allow to exert more force naturally towards the tip. Such a design ensures the sturdiness of the blade for long.

Such a clever design allows the knife and its users to perform their best on the hunting fields, ensuring that no moment of importance is lost because of your inability to grip the knife rightly.

Sturdiest Blade

This CUTCO hunting knife review wouldn’t be complete without a deeper focus on its blade and here it goes.

The product comes with a 440A stainless steel blade that is made to exude class. The blade measures 4, 3/8 inches and consists of high-carbon particles for extreme sturdiness. The stainless steel also makes the blade rust resistant while the carbon keeps its hardness intact.

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This practical blade rests between two parts of a Kraton handle and, when not in use, can be placed inside the leather sheath that comes with the knife.

Kraton Handle

Being an important determiner of any knife’s long-lastingness, the kind of handle that a knife comes with must be something you pay attention to when buying it for hunting.

Thankfully, the CUTCO 5717 again is a winner here. As already stated, this handle is made of pure Kraton material. A synthetic that is often used as a longer-lasting alternative to rubber and other rubber-like material, Kraton offers a better grip on the knife.

Additionally, this Kraton handle shows better resistance to weather and remains un-altered even under extreme conditions. Even with wet hands, you can ensure full force on this handle, thus dressing and descaling your hunt faster.

Even when it does not affect the practicality of the knife, you can pick anyone between black and orange handle color that better suits your taste.

Complementary Sheath

While knives for other purposes can do well with or without a protective cover, we advise you never to leave your hunting knife naked when not in use. Where a protective cover secures the knife’s blade and its sharpness, it is also important to ensure the safety of the users and anyone else around the knife.

It is no surprise that a knife as sharp and high-end as the CUTCO hunting knife would need solid protective sheathing. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about arranging for that since it comes as a complimentary gift with the knife.

Made up of the highest-grade leather, this sheath fits your knife perfectly. It is also thick enough to safely contain the sharp blade inside. Such features of this protective cover allow you to put it anywhere you like without worrying about getting wounded on your way to a hunting field.

Warranty Satisfaction

How many times did you hear of a hunting knife that offers a warranty of a lifetime? We are sure that such an occasion must not have occurred a lot of times.

But, don’t worry because this knife provides you with this perk. Compared to other best-hunting knives, this CUTCO product offers a lifetime repair and sharpening warranty. Is there anything else we want from a hunting knife? We think this is all of it!

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With so many great things about this knife, it is hard for you to stop yourself from investing in it right away. Well, you must do that but not before you understand the highlighted pros and cons of this CUTCO hunting knife.

  • Comes with options for serrated blades.

  • Handle allows for excellent grip.
  • Lifetime repair and sharpening warranty.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Perfect for carrying out prey’s dressing.

  • The sheath may lose its thickness over time.

  • Hard to clean.


Where should I send my CUTCO knife for sharpening?

For the best repair services, we suggest sending your knife to the CUCTO Cutlery repair center at 322 Houghton Avenue, USA.

Does the CUTCO knife need to be sharpened too much?

No, not too much but it’s better to consider the option at least after 3-4 successful hunts and dressings.

Can I sharpen this CUTCO hunting knife myself?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, this knife is designed in a way that makes it impossible to sharpen it at home.

Is the lifetime warranty on the CUTCO hunting knife for real?

Yes, for sure. All the CUTCO knives are covered by a lifetime warranty for repairs and sharpening.

Final Verdict

We tried our best to introduce you to this sharp hunting knife and its most amazing features. Once you get a hold of it, make sure to get it sharpened frequently and keep it clean all the time. Such care, when provided to the knife, can ensure its longer life and better performance for years to come.

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