Freedom, countryside, dogs and Media Veda …


It seemed to me days before that 2021 quail loss that I slept free of the traditional nerves that normally surface in me when the date approaches, but nothing is further from the truth, perhaps they arrived later, but they made an appearance and then they were noticed to the first of change….

Today, on the contrary, and almost without realizing it, we have thrown the curtain on this Media Veda 2021, a journey that always seems short for me, this time between “regulines and regulanes”, but which has also left me good experiences accompanied by Figo and Crono, always through the dog, which are the ones that truly make me enjoy.

Freedom, countryside, dogs and Media Veda

The quail has that “I don’t know what, what do I know”, which dazzles me as few hunting modalities do.

Those intangibles that dawn in the field causes, observe its awakening, the silences in the middle of dawn, the sound of the stubble as it passes, with the dogs in front, in full delight of laceos, trails, guides, samples and patterns …

What fullness! What freedom!

Later we will find more or less quail, but it is difficult to resist the temptation of a new journey when the incentives are so abundant and valuable.

Perhaps that is why something turns in the stomach when the date approaches, perhaps that is why we relive as adults, the infantile nerves of a child, before a brand new surprise wrapped in colored ribbons, perhaps that is why I refuse to stop savoring what It gives me such remarkable sensations.

Quail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting Notebook

A quail season 2021 regulín, regulán …

This 2021 quail season has not been different, in fact, the time between opening and opening often does not seem to advance, like a recurring dejavú, if it were not for the gray hair that already lights up with energy and betrays me in front of the mirror that the passage of the time is inexorable.

Nor did the script of that long-awaited day 15 vary excessively from the editorial line of previous years, because although I know the theory and make an effort to apply it, the truth is that tension and nerves always end up taking over a certain space in dogs and hunters, What can we do…

So we live in a typical as well as hot desveda, with overly motivated Figo and Crono and their consequent quarrels. Long, unreachable samples, more fights. Quail flying propelled by the aggressive gallop of the dogs and come to fight. A bit of tension, another bit of frustration …

Until little by little they began to focus, partly because of the initial drop in effusiveness, partly because of the physical wear and tear of the hot day, and then the first firm and well-worked casts emerged, to which I responded with two chained failures, which The quarrels suddenly ceased and they agreed on a peace treaty that would no longer be broken until the end of the Media Veda 2021.

They are bad, but I am not better, I thought, so that we draw a thick veil …

So, of the nineteen quails that we flew that morning, I limited myself to seeing how the first eleven left as they had come, the next two I sent to raise and the rest gave color and flavor to a good family rice …

Nor is it plan to complain.

Quail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting Notebook

What was and what could have been …

Seeing how birds flew in front of the harvester in a nearby town, just a few days before the opening, I thought that this 2021 quail season would reach the title of memorable, but the reality is that many abandoned us and those who decided to continue populating our fields they were distributed badly, very badly, so badly that even a few hundred meters made the difference between success and “failure.”

It is curious that the morning of a Saturday, after four hours of camping and good work, we had a single haul in store and yet, just a few farms further on, the same afternoon and in just over an hour, we flew a dozen quail sampled by Figo and Crono.

There are aspects of this bird, which, above experience and knowledge, continue to be a true mystery and I suppose that in part, it is better that it be so …

Quail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting Notebook

Figo and Crono, from less to more …

As the days progressed, the expectations I had placed on Figo and Crono were more than met.

I deduce that it is tonic to weigh the work of dogs by default, we must show off, of course and offer them their share of prominence, even if it is in a smaller percentage and we do not really believe in it, but unlike the rest of hunting dogs, the Mine fail, as they failed in the vault, but they also hit the mark, they even get a license plate, as they did the following days and to show a button, that if an image is worth more than a thousand words, a video is even more exclamatory …

I’m not going to be the only one who doesn’t show off, especially when they deserve it ????

Quail 2021 … Tough and demanding for the dog

If it is true that the title of “winner” in this Media Veda 2021 I must award it to Figo.

Unlike last season, he has performed a little better than his brother, perhaps because he has more quail skills, it may be. Perhaps because it was simply sweet, which also happens.

At Christmas, what really suits him is the mountains and he can, there he goes and there he puts them and how well he does it, but this course the rows of lombios have not solved them as well as the “extreme right”.

But I have enjoyed both, even the veteran, my right eye, Zar, whom I have not been able to resist leaving at home and although scarce and short, we have still had our moments of complicit silence in solitude. There are things that are not paid for with money and this is one of them.

I was excited to see how they continue to progress. They have long since abandoned the puppy denomination, but not only because they are third year old, but also because of hunting conditions and benefits in the field.

Especially in a season like the current one, when I have the feeling that the African women were waiting for us with the knife between their teeth and even tougher than I remembered …

Some runners, almost athletes, stubborn not to fly and to gamble and be elusive.

To tell the truth, I didn’t expect less either and that defense has led to guides and sets for pride, the kind that remind you why hunting with a pointer fascinates you …

Quail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting Notebook

Quail does not only live in stubble …

The fact is that we have not found many or few. More than some places and less than others I suppose, but really enough to label the 2021 quail campaign as entertaining.

We have had days in which we have crashed into the area and others in which the success gave us a good handful of sets and experiences.

We have hunted among lombios, in lost and grasslands, in scrubland areas, in the moors, for a little while in the meadows and even among pines and oaks. And in all of them there were quail, to a greater or lesser extent, but there they were, skipping the general belief that we should only look for them wherever you see straw.

At an average of 12/15 quails flown per day, at least during the first two or three weeks of this Half Veda 2021, which is nothing to rave about, but hardly invites you to complain.

Quail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting NotebookQuail 2021 | Half Veda 2021 | Hunting Notebook

Looking forward with enthusiasm …

One more experience, with great moments that have already been well accommodated in the backpack of the best memories.

Now it is time to look forward and what is to come is a new general season, a year full of hunting, hunting and great enthusiasm.

A hug and the mountain!

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