HECS Hunting Suit Review: Is It Really Worth The Money?

Avid hunters are always searching for hunting suits to mask their presence in the wild while they hunt. Out of the several hunting suits, the HECS (Human Energy Conceal Suit) has attracted the attention of hunters. If you are also skeptical about buying this suit, our full HECS hunting suit review will help you.

Like any other hunting suit, this one has also been the target of skepticism, preferably due to the mixed reviews and higher price. But, after reading this review, you will know that your money spent on the HECS hunting suit will never go wasted!

Does the HECS Hunting Suit Really Work?

The short answer is yes!

The HECS hunting suit really works, especially while bow hunting and deer hunting.

But, how does the HECS hunting suit work?

This hunting suit has several technologies patented into the simple design that makes it ideal for your hunting gear.

According to science, our hearts and muscles create strong signals of electrical energy. Also, animals have strong senses of determining this change in the environment. That is why they run away even without looking for us.

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The HECS hunting suit works to block this electrical energy created by our heart and muscles. When animals don’t sense any change in electrical energy in their environment, they won’t also get a clue of your presence.

Besides this technology, the HECS hunting suit also has other features, which are described below.

HECS Hunting Suit


HECS Hunting Suit

  • 3-Piece HECStyle Camo Suit
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Suitable for all-day wear
  • Scientifically proven
  •  Breathable HECS stealthscreen fabric

Features of the HECS Hunting Suit




Like other hunting suits, the design and print of the HECS hunting suit are to hide you in the wild. But, this one plays a notable role with the masking ability.

Many hunters report that the print blends to such an extent that squirrels also climb up the hunters without sensing their presence. We think that it is an impressive feature to indulge yourself in the woods.

The HECS hunting suit comes in two prints, both of which are slightly different. This option also allows you to choose the best print according to your hunting style and target species.


The breathability of the HECS hunting suit is top-notch.

While many people complain of the thin fabric, the truth is that the light fabric has several perforations to let air pass through the suit. In this way, you don’t have to sweat while hunting on hot summer days.

When hunting in winter, the HECS hunting suit will prove to be a perfect choice too! You can either wear it as an undergarment or an outlet.

While wearing as an undergarment, the HEDS hunting suit keeps you secured. It allows the moisture to pass through the fabric, which prevents the under layers from getting wet. As sweat accumulation in under layers can be dangerous in winter, the HECS hunting suit can prove to be a life-saver.

While wearing as an outlet, the hunting suit will help you stay hydrated by allowing cool air to pass through. In this way, you won’t feel packed inside the suit like other hunters.


The overall construction and fabric of the HECS hunting suit make a real difference in its functionality.

It is blessed with the HECS stealthscreen fabric, which has many benefits over other materials. It is lightweight and breathable. It also adapts to your skin and prevents and itchiness or irritation with the body while wearing. It is because the fabric contains 94% polyester and 6% carbon yarn grid, which gives it such amazing properties.

Another impressive feature is the introduction of a carbon fiber grid inside the fabric. This feature is common in all HECS fabrics and makes them unique.

The conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid is the primary source of the popularity of this suit. The idea behind this grid links to the Faraday Cage Principle. By using this principle, the carbon fiber grid helps in blocking the electrical energy emitted by our muscles and heart.

Machine washable

The machine-washable feature makes it a highly convenient hunting suit.

You don’t have to worry about washing it with specialized detergents to keep it durable and functioning.

Although equipped with patented technologies, the hunting suit doesn’t require special instructions.

Thus, you can throw it in the machine and will take out a fresh hunting suit, looking new and fresh.


The hunting suits being heavy and loud is a common complaint of most hunters. But, that isn’t the case with the HECS hunting suit.

The polyester fabric used in this hunting suit makes it incredibly lightweight. You might also feel like going to the woods while wearing your night suit.

The lightweight and breathable features are a gift to several hunters who are tired to their hunting suits being too heavy and sweaty.


The flexibility of the HECS hunting suit is also a plus point. This feature also distinguishes it from many other hunting suits in the market.

The loose shirt and sweatpants-style hunting plants feel loose on the body. In this way, the hunting suit offers a range of motions.

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Now, you don’t have to sit or stand carefully while your target animal is near. When you bend, sit, or stand, this hunting suit will offer utmost flexibility everywhere due to being highly functional and lightweight.


What’s better than not wearing jackets in the wild when it’s raining?

Admit it or not, all hunters hate wearing too much clothing as it limits their motion.
Thus, the HECS hunting suit comes with all the features in one suit to offer extra comfort and experience.

One of them is waterproof technology. While being highly breathable and flexible, it also prevents water from making you wet.

Even in summers, the HECS hunting suit prevents sweat from making you wet. The numerous perforations efficiently release the sweat and keep you dry all day long.

In this HECS hunting suit review, the waterproof technology has inspired us the most.

Head cover

We like the construction and build of the head cover that comes along with the shirt and pants in this hunting suit.

The head cover is adjustable and offers a comfortable fit. It fits almost head size, and you don’t have to worry about sizing issues.

The head cover isn’t too bulky as well. Although it covers you from head to neck, it feels just like wearing a cap. The hemmed eye hole also allows you to see your target clearly without any disruption.


When it comes to the concealment game, no one can play it better than the HECS hunting suit.
The camo print of the suit perfectly matches with the surrounding woods and offers ultimate concealment.

Besides tricking the animal by blocking the electrical signals, this hunting suit also tricks the eyes by masking your appearance. From head to toe, you are entirely like the trees and bushes!

Thus, your deer hunting game would never be so fun and easy without the HECS hunting suit!


The HECS hunting suit doesn’t even leave your hands exposed in the wild!

Besides the cuffed neck, it also has cuffed sleeves along with a thumb hole. This feature is especially useful for hunters who wear gloves to mask themselves.

The sleeves cover most of your hands and also don’t interfere while shooting or bow hunting.
The cuffed sleeves also offer a snug fit without the sleeves hanging down and getting stuck in tree branches.

  • The concealment of the HECS hunting suit is impressive. While the camo print makes you indulged in the woods, the electrical energy blocking capability never makes the animals alarmed by your presence.

  • Several hunters report that deer and other animals come much nearer to them while wearing the HECS hunting suit.
  • This suit still works while you are wearing it as a base layer in chilly hunting seasons.
  • The lightweight construction makes it extremely comfortable.
  • The HECS hunting suit is highly breathable and keeps you cool and dry in summer.
  • The flexibility offered by this hunting suit unmatched, and it provides a range of motions.
  • The price is amazing compared to the quality.
  • The drawstring of the head cover makes it comfortable and practical.
  • The cuffed neck and sleeves give a neat finish.

  • The thin fabric of the HECS hunting suit seems fragile to most hunters.

  • When compared to other hunting suits, the price of the HECS hunting suit is higher.
  • Some hunters also think that it is only ideal as a base layer.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is included in the HECS hunting suit?

The package includes sweatpants-like hunting pant, a shirt, and a head cover. You can also buy gloves and socks separately.

Does the HECS hunting suit still work after washing?

The HECS hunting suit is machine-washable and will always work the same, even after multiple washes. However, you have to follow the instructions.

How long does the HECS hunting suit last?

The HECS hunting suit is known to last for several hunting seasons without showing any wear and tear. If you use it carefully, the suit may last up to 5 years or so.

Does the HECS hunting suit have pockets?

Yes, the HECS hunting suit has a pocket on the shirt and two pockets on the pants.

What weather is suitable for wearing the HECS hunting suit?

The HECS hunting suit is suitable for all weather conditions. In summers, it dries away the sweat and offers breathability. In winters, many hunters wear it as a base layer to trick the animals.

Final Verdict

The advanced technologies and impressive features mentioned in this HECS hunting suit review will inspire you to add this suit to your hunting gear.

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Although you can hunt without this hunting suit, wearing one while bow hunting or deer hunting will make your task easier and convenient. It is because the HECS hunting suit offers an extra layer of concealment and tricks the animals about your presence.

Thus, you will always have some yummy deer and turkeys to bring home for dinner after your successful hunt!

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