How to hang a hammock without a tree? 5 simple and easy methods

How to hang a hammock without a tree? Discover our tips in this handy guide.

Hammock camping is one of the most convenient and relaxed methods. It’s a super comfortable, easy to get on, safe and secure way to sleep off the ground.

As incredible as hammock camping may seem, it has a very special requirement. You need two tree bases that are secure a few feet apart and strong enough to support your equipment. Hammock camping without trees is a bit difficult but not totally impossible.

In this article, I will tell you how to hang your hammock in places where there are no suitable trees.

So how do you hang a hammock without trees? To hang a hammock without trees, you can make a tripod using thick sticks in the woods. If a tree is available, you can tie the other end of the hammock to your car or truck. You can also use stones to tie the ends of your hammock. You can also buy a hammock stand that you can set up anywhere.

Let’s discuss each of these methods in more detail so that you know how to hang your hammock anywhere without a tree.

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5 ways to hang a hammock without a tree

Before constructing a support or using a post. You need to know what you need for your hammock stand or anchors. It might sound like a complex calculation, but let me simplify it for you.

Each hammock pole should support half of your weight.

If you weigh around 80 kilograms, each pole should be strong enough to support 40 kg without collapsing. What you need is not only a mast, but also a solid, sturdy, fixed or riveted base.

1 / Hammock stand with tripods

This is more of a DIY project if you are an enthusiast. You can build your own hammock tripods using bamboo or any stick that you can easily find in the drill. Just make sure the poles are thick enough to support your body weight.

If you can find a suitable tree to hang from one end of the hammock. You will only have to build a tripod for the other end. But if there is no suitable tree nearby, you will need to build two tripods connected by a top rod (see the image below as an example).

how to do hammock camping without trees - use a diy tripod how to do hammock camping without trees - use a diy tripod

To start, find suitable branches 5-10cm in diameter and cut them to a length of about 2.40m. You need three feet for each side and a top bar. That is to say a total of 7 pieces of 2.40 meters.

  1. Once you have your wooden legs in order,
  2. Tie a set of 3 at one end with a non-slip rope (like this one).
  3. Once done, space the tripods an appropriate distance depending on the length of your hammock.
  4. Place a connecting rod on top of the two tripods and you are ready to hang your hammock.
  5. If the weather isn’t good, put a raincoat on the top and you can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

2 Use your car as an anchor point

This tip is for those times when you only have one post available. Like a tree or any other base available and you need one more.

In such a scenario, your car or van may turn out to be the best support you can get for hammock camping. Most people go off-road with trucks or SUVs that have a bed high enough to provide a proper anchor point.

  1. Choose an appropriate anchor point on the body of your car that can support at least half of your body weight (avoid the rear view mirror).
  2. Then park your vehicle near a pole or tree so that the anchor point is a suitable distance away so that both ends of the hammock attach well.
  3. Tie one end to the tree and the other end of the hammock to the chosen anchor point on the body of your car or truck.

The caveat is that you have to choose the anchor point very carefully. An anchor that is too weak can break under your door and potentially injure you and damage your car as well.

3 / Use old tent poles

This is perhaps one of the easiest methods to hang a hammock without a tree.

If you’ve been camping for a while, you might have your old tent poles and stakes that you weren’t using because you fell in love with your hammock.

These tent poles are the best to use when you can’t find well-spaced trees. They are not only light, but also strong and easy to assemble.

For this one, all you need is a quick anchor post, your tent poles, and a few J-hooks.

If the posts are strong enough, you can get away with a single post firmly driven into the ground. But if they are not strong enough, you can build a tripod type A-frame with 3 posts at each end.

  1. Dig a hole in the ground deep enough for the posts to be firmly anchored.
  2. Insert the posts and fill the hole with a quick post anchor.
  3. Once you’ve built a single post or A-frame structure, allow it to dry properly.
  4. Then hook the ends of your hammock to each post and you are good to go.

You can use a regular screw, bolt, or J-hook to hook your hammock strap to each anchor point.

4 / Use rocks to hold the ends of your hammock

This is one of the oldest tips for people who rock climbing.

If you’ve sorted one end, and you don’t know where to put the other end, look for a huge boulder.

You can find a lot of these big rocks while camping. Or if you are in an area with high landscapes with hills next to you, this tip will come in handy. See for example our article on the most beautiful waterfalls in Occitanie.

Find a crack or spot deep and spaced enough to accommodate a large nail or dowel. Otherwise, secure this end with eyebolts or anchors. Then hang one end of your hammock on it.

5 / Use a foldable hammock stand

This method is for people who don’t want to risk their time and energy and need to get hammock hanging material with minimal effort.

These brackets are very durable and inexpensive. They can support up to 200 kg of weight and are spacious enough to provide the maximum comfort desired.

This hammock stand is one of the most popular stands among campers. It has a length of 2.76m and can support up to 181kg, which is great. It is very inexpensive and very easy to handle in terms of portability. (See the price on AMAZON)

How to hang a hammock without trees: our opinion

Wild camping is more about enjoying the moment than worrying about finding a perfect spot with trees, poles, or whatever else you need. Rather, it’s about getting creative to create something out of what nature has to offer.

All the methods mentioned above do not require expensive hardware or the like. All it takes is a little energy and a pinch of your creativity. And There you go ! You will have your own sleeping space.

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