Hunting Camo Accessories, Portable Booster Chair


The hunting posts are camo accessories which is widely used in standby hunts so that the pieces do not detect the presence of the shooters and the hunter can remain for hours in the same place without attracting the attention of the animal.

Son artificial shelters created with camouflage fabric that animals identify as part of the landscape and make it easy to get away from the hunter’s shot.

Hunting Stand 4 Walls Super Light for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Outdoor, Survival and Bushcraft Barbaric Force 33180 + Gift bottle holder

Hunting Post 4 Super Light Walls for Hunting,…

thematys Camouflage Hunting Tent in 2 Different Designs - Camouflage Tent without Floor Forest Hunting (Style 2)

thematys Camouflage Hunting Tent in 2 designs…


SUTTER Transportable Tree Hunting Stall for 2 Men and 4.5m Ladder / in Robust Steel, Upholstered Seat and Backrest

SUTTER Transportable tree hunting stand for…

HaoFst Ghillie Suit Forest Camouflage Forest Camouflage Hunting 4 Pieces + Bag

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SUTTER Portable Highchair and Hunting Stand Ladder/Height: 4.5m / Adjustable Gun Guard and Flip-up Seat

SUTTER Portable Booster Chair and Staircase…



Walimex Camouflage Pop-UP Tent

Walimex Camouflage Pop-UP Tent


Stealth Gear camouflage tent two man (Importado)

Stealth Gear camouflage tent two man (Importado)


Barbaric 33180 Equipment and Accessories, Unisex Adult, Multicolor, One Size

Barbaric 33180 Equipment and Accessories, Unisex…

Joytea-Forest Landscape Camouflage Netting Camouflage Outdoor Hunting

Joytea-Forest Landscape Camouflage Network Camouflage Hunting…


Balvi - Wanted Rifle Shaped Umbrella

Balvi – Wanted Rifle Shaped Umbrella

There are various types, from square, rectangular or simple camouflage tarps that allows the shooter to remain hidden and not betray their presence in the proximity of the prey.

when you buy it think about the environment in which you are going to use it: It is not the same to hunt on the banks of the rivers, where the predominant greens are stronger than those that you will find in the mountains or mountain areas (ocher and brown predominate) and what it is about is not calling the animal care.

This type of “booths” are widely used in situations such as berrea The the boar wait when he goes to the muddy areas at night to roll in them.

Another of the hunting practices in which it is widely used is in the waiting for the turtle doves (I’m sure you’ve seen many videos about it, where the hunter patiently waits for the birds to pass, to become visible at the last moment when the pigeons are within range)

Its use is not exclusive to hunting since its use allows naturalists and photographers to create a perfect vision observatory in order to observe wildlife and even get to photograph or record their behavior.

On one occasion I have seen in the “Daimiel tables” placed a hunting post perfectly camouflaged with the environment that made the birds perch just two meters from them.

cheap portable hunting stands

Characteristics of a good cheap hunting position?

The main quality that this type of “shelters” must have is that its assembly and disassembly is done with ease, because this action will have to be done several times a day in order to place it in the ideal location for “where the prey enters”, which usually changes throughout the day.

These are not “shelters” to protect you from extreme inclement weather, but to stay invisible at the proximity of your prey.

They must meet a double requirement: Portable and foldable, given that you will have to transport them to the hunting ground (sometimes located at considerable distances from your car) should be light and easy to carry.

Portable hunting stands are one of the most purchased accessories by practitioners of waiting because without them it would be impossible for cattle or birds to be within shooting distance.

Where to buy cheap camouflage fabric online?

A cheaper option than hunting posts is to buy camouflage fabric, with which you will be able to build the cabin yourself to go unnoticed before the dams, taking advantage of the orography of the land.

They are camouflage canvases also used by the military on their field trips to practice not being seen and going unnoticed.

Online sales of fabrics for camouflage have increased in the last year almost 20% because it is a very economical option to build a shelter perfectly blended with the environment of the hunting ground (either in the mountains or in leafy forests)

The advantage that the internet offers you is that you can compare prices, marks and do the order from home and the same company (in this case Amazon) sends it directly to your home, and you avoid going around the stores in your city comparing prices (I tell you that you will hardly find stores that sell them)

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