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You already know that in the last few months I have tried several Olight house products, different models of flashlights that, frankly, have convinced me by their power and scope, quality and innovation, but this time, what I have in my hands is a complete set of hunting flashlights for wild boar waiting, among many other uses that we can give him.

I have tried it, it has fascinated me and I want to show you because I am sure that you are going to love it too …


Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit Wild Boar Waiting Hunting Lantern

I have always been very critical of the brands and products that I recommend to the Hunting Notebook Community.

You give me the privilege of your time, reading or clicking on my publications and it does not seem honest to me to return that trust with garbage advertising of products that rarely reach the height of that hunting equipment that we select with the utmost affection, as it accompanies us in each of our venatory days.

That is, when we are doing what we like the most.

For the same reason, I have ruled out many manufacturers and suppliers, who throughout these years have contacted me and yet, it is not difficult for me to reference the Olight brand and those products that, after trying them, I think give the level of quality that both you and I desire.

And if in addition, as is the case, I put on the table a juicy discount so that you can make yourself this hunting lantern to wait for wild boar, well, “honey on flakes”, that said.

At the very least, I’m happy to help you discover new products that may be useful to you, but let’s take a look at this Wild Boar Waiting Hunting Lantern, which I’m getting a little too cool.

Hunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting NotebookHunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting Notebook

Features hunting flashlight for Olight boar waiting

At the moment and as you can see in the images that accompany the post, the equipment is very well protected and organized in a briefcase, so if you are just as curious and methodical as I am and you like to keep your hunting equipment tidy and always ready , it will be very functional for you.

When you release the clasps and open the briefcase, you immediately visualize the protagonist of the team, which is obviously the flashlight and specifically, an Olight Warrior X, which has the following characteristics:

  • Tactical or hunting flashlight that delivers 1,100 lumens and a distance of 1,000 meters.
  • Maximum run time of 12.5 hours with an included 5000 mAh 21700 battery.
  • Upgraded stainless steel rear switch compatible with optional push-to-lock remote pressure switch.
  • Ideal for long distance use, either for hunting or search and rescue, law enforcement and other outdoor activities.

But also, this Olight boar waiting hunting torch kit includes more accessories:

  • Olight X-WM03 magnetic mount to adapt the flashlight to the rifle.
  • Green and red filters to adapt the light
  • 21700 rechargeable battery of 5,000 mAh and 3.7V
  • Magnetic pressure switch
  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Silicone Tactical Grip Ring
  • Lanyard to carry the hunting flashlight
  • User manual

Hunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting Notebook

Opinion hunting lantern for waits of wild boar Olight

So far I have described the accessories that make up this hunting flashlight equipment for wild boar waiting, but you can easily find this by searching the internet or on the Olight website itself, so we are going to go into detail and try to add value to you through my experience with him.

In what I liked and of course, with what perhaps I see could be improved.

Let’s start with the latter …

To say something, probably what I like the least is that the briefcase is made of plastic, which is also the most common for this type of accessories, but I deny it, although it has its positive side, because it does not increase the price of the product in any way unnecessary, their cleaning is very agile, and the zippers seem reasonably durable, if we don’t fool around with them.

And the rest, I like everything …

The flashlight is very comfortable due to its ergonomics and lightness. The bestial reach, especially if we take into account its dimensions, hood … The quality materials and with many elements to facilitate its transport (Clip, cord), always having it at hand and without risk of losing it.

Good battery, it charges very fast and the duration is very long, so that you will not be stranded in the middle of the hunting day, if you have had the foresight to charge it before leaving.

The magnetic mount, an essential part of this hunting flashlight kit for boar waiting, as it is what adheres the flashlight to the rifle, it has a very, very powerful magnet, which is placed super fast and it is even difficult to take off once you are going to save. It does not move, nor is it easy to let go in the middle of hunting action.

And the pressure switch has good sensitivity to remotely turn the flashlight on and off quickly. I have adapted it to the rifle with a couple of bridles and perfect.

Hunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting NotebookHunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting Notebook

Buy hunting lantern for wild boar waiting with a 40% discount

In short … A versatile and quality flashlight that you can give multiple uses, with an amazing range, great autonomy and accompanied by all the accessories that you may be missing on your hunting days.

Now the million dollar question is: How much does it cost and where do I buy it?

Well, if you liked what I have told you and want to get hold of the team, you have to take advantage of the launch campaign that Olight has started today, September 27 and until October 2, with a 40% discount, see: Click on this link to buy the Warrior X Turbo Kit.

More than € 90.00 in savings over its normal price … Not bad, right?

And by the way, you can get the EDC i1R2 flashlight for free, a very functional and tremendously powerful toy for its small size, which I have already installed on the keychain: Click on this link and get the EDC i1R2 flashlight for free.

The offer is limited per person and you have several colors to choose from: Black, Orange and TAN Desert.

Very pretty, really!

Hunting lantern for wild boar waiting | Olight Warrior X Turbo Kit | Hunting Notebook

More discounts on Olight hunting flashlights!

I recommend Olight because so far, all the products of this brand that I have tried and used, really meet what I am looking for from them: quality, potential, good technical service and a super competitive price.

For this reason, and beyond this review on the Warrior X Turbo Kit boar waiting hunting lantern, I leave you a 10% discount on the rest of the Olight product suite, so that when you go to buy a hunting lantern , do you remember me ????

And you will remember, because in order to take advantage of that 10% discount, you have to include the code «Hunting Notebook » when you have the product in the shopping cart and go to pay for it.

Anyway, I hope this review about the Warrior X Turbo Kit has been useful to you and above all, that you take advantage of the discounts on your new purchases.

Surely you are right and I also hope that you write to share with me your opinion …

A hug and the mountain!

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