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“This in my time…”the boys of today…”. Any time in the past seems better to us, more romantic, healthier and if we agree on something, it is in those timeless paradigms that, generation after generation, become rhetoric. What the grandfather heard from his father and at the same time repeated to his son, who did the same with his, who also awaits the moment to share it with his respective offspring and will continue to be so, because I myself got tired of hearing the famous requiem and yet I keep reproducing it for my daughters. The same thing happens in hunting, owners of our habits, memories and exploits, it is difficult for us to consider who comes from behind and nevertheless, here I am going to distance myself from the border, because if I perceive something in the new generations of hunters, it is precisely an upward value in terms of animal sensitivity and respect for the environment.

Good and healthy principles, go…

New generations of hunters with healthy principles

The first thing is to learn and attend to the veteran”, prays the first of the hunter Commandments, that not only because they are old, but also because they are appropriate, must be read, as well as internalized.

And it is true that, behind each syllable pronounced by many of those veteran hunters, there is a profound learning that goes far beyond what the most complete encyclopedia will ever offer you.

But there is also no doubt that times change and with them, society has changed, its habits, tastes, needs and perceptions, the very reality that befalls us and by extension, hunting has been forced to do so.

Where before they were heroes, today we are closer to being villains, because years ago they hunted to fill pantries and therefore the methods were not questioned, but today, although it is still the end, it is rarely the only one, which has led to polemicize and discuss those same rules that until recently had prevailed without inconvenience.

And it is not easy to change habits when the human being is an animal of customs.

I guess it’s not easy to put obstacles to that behavior that you’ve been applying for so many years.

And in that, the new generations of hunters arrive clean of inheritances, with very healthy principles as a general rule, which I also like.

New generations of hunters | Hunting Notebook

It is not a criticism, nor a comparison, it is a matter of the future

When you have flown quail as a punishment and you have hung a hundred without disheveled, on any given morning in August, it must be difficult to accept that a dozen, with luck, will be your greatest prize the day you step on the stubble again.

When it probably didn’t take more than a trotting dog that bothered just enough to reach such perches, today it becomes more difficult to resign oneself to hunting through him or raising the weapon when he didn’t even intervene in the set.

And it is only an example that we can project to any other species or hunting modality, an understandable example and in no case a criticism, since I am not looking for a comparison, nor the beginning of a fierce struggle between what was and what is, there is simply who evolves and adapts, there are those who have a hard time and others who never made it no matter how hard they tried.

What should not surprise anyone is that, at least part of those methods and customs of the past, have no place in today’s hunting if we want to see it survive the judgment of a society that may end up succumbing to the harassment and stalking of politicians and radicals. .

And in that, as I said, the new generations of hunters, for the simple reason that they lack the old habits, do not need to reflect on them.

New generations of hunters | Hunting Notebook

I like the new generations of hunters

These new generations of hunters arrive at a field very different from the one that our grandparents frequented, with species that in some scenarios, need more affection than a trigger, they perceive it quickly and become self-conscious.

Today there is much more talk than before about management hunting and they internalize it easily, because they have not known anything else.

They complement the necessary learning from their mentors, with a more acute sensitivity, which raises even more, if possible, the enormous respect that the hunter always had for what surrounded him.

I like the respect and sportsmanship that they show in their mountain days, although I disagree with the term, not with the implications that it entails.

I like the great value they give to that misnamed assistant, who so often stands as the true protagonist.

And although always generalizing, because yesterday there were barrels with rotten apples and tomorrow they will not cease to exist, neither in the venation, nor in any other aspect of life, but at least in this sense, I think we are on the right track.

What is directly related to the future of hunting.

New generations of hunters | Hunting Notebook

A good listener, few words are enough…

I am aware that now, after reading this post, there will be those who dedicate their greatest effort to showing that today’s hunter is not enough for yesterday’s hunter.

Others will embrace the appellant: “current young people…”, as if they had not previously heard it from their own parents.

Normally because they have not understood anything, probably those that I previously cited as incapable of evolving.

In any case, I like the new generations of hunters…

A hug and to the mountain!

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