Reviews on the Spypoint link micro camera for hunting

Discover the experience feedback of a hunter on the Spypoint link micro camera.

I have used, abused, and extensively tested many surveillance cameras throughout my day. Every year I get new models and like many other writers I write reviews on them before the season arrives so you can get one for yourself.

I’ve written about the SpyPoint Link Micro cell tracking camera before, but now that my season is drawing to a close. I thought I would write more about it. If you’re like me, you’re looking for post-season gear deals, so you can stock up for next year. There are bound to be deals on the Link Micro and I can honestly say – you should buy some.

  • Spypoint Camera Link-Micro-LTE with SIM Card Included for Smartphone Transmission, camera with Infrared, 4 LEDs, 10 megapixels, Hunting camera

    • Top Quality: At Spypoint, we put the spotlight on the trail camera. It is equipped with a 10MP camera and with the free app available for Android and iOS, you can check signal strength, battery status and storage capacity, change settings and even share photos via email and WhatsApp.
    • Truly Versatile: With our trail camera, you get a truly versatile device. It is small and very easy to install. Thanks to the 4 powerful LEDs, you get crisp color photos during the day and crisp black and white photos at night. With its discreet design and dimensions of 11.2 x 5.6 x 7.9 cm, it is barely noticeable to humans and animals.
    • About us: Spypoint is a company with over 15 years of experience in the field of hunting cameras. We continue to develop so that we can offer you innovative products. In addition, we offer you excellent value for money.
    • Scope of delivery: In addition to the hunting camera, you will receive a sturdy strap so that you can attach it to trees, fences, lanterns and much more. In addition, there is a micro SIM card, an 8 GB micro SD card and 8 R6 (AA) batteries.


  • SKYPOINT – SpyPoint Micro Link LTE Camo

    • 10 MP camera
    • Trigger speed: 0.5s
    • Detection range up to 24.3 m
    • Low light LED
    • Compatible with LTE mobile networks


  • SPYPOINT Link Micro S Cellular Hunting Camera

    Unlimited autonomy thanks to the solar panel, Trigger speed 0.4s, Lithium battery with charging cable included


If overall performance isn’t essential for you (low battery life, below average picture quality, and lack of internal programming), this is a great choice because the camera is the cheapest cellular camera on the market. .

We recommend this camera to anyone looking for an entry-level cellular camera or planning to place it in an area with a high probability of being stolen.

  • 10 MP camera, low glow LED
  • Trigger speed: 0.5 seconds
  • Detection range up to 24.3 m
  • 4G mobile network compatible
  • Uses the O2 network only in UK and the free plan gives 100 images per month. Other paid plans available from SpyPoint

How to set up a cell tracking camera?

Every manufacturer is different, but I can say that with the SpyPoint camera it is essential to follow the proper setup for it to function properly. I won’t bore you with the details, when you can follow the simple 90 second video on SpyPoint’s website.

But if you don’t do it right, it won’t work. For this camera, you need to do a setup on your computer and then add the app to your phone. I continued to have problems until I went back and realized that I used a wrong size Micro-SD card.

Obviously, you need to have cellular service where you place the camera. The antenna is strong, so even moderate signal strength works. I have configured the camera to send images when the camera is triggered, but you can configure it to come the images to your phone whenever you want.

I wanted to be a glutton for punishment and have photos sent to me so I could see everything I was missing when I wasn’t hunting. It’s a great way to learn in real time how game is acting.

Another part of the configuration is the number of images it transmits. You receive 100 images per month from SpyPoint and you can subscribe to learn more. You can get 250 for as little as $ 4 and unlimited for $ 15 per month.

It’s a good deal if you ask me. And if you run out of space, the camera will still work and save the images to the Micro SD card.

What is the quality of the SpyPoint Link micro camera?


I will not lie. I was impressed. It also takes a lot to impress me with a surveillance camera these days. He takes great photos during the day and good photos at night too. Night shots are very important to me because some cameras just can’t seem to get a decent picture after dark.

A word of advice, do not face the camera directly south facing the sun without good coverage. My first few weeks I had lots of pictures of the sun moving across the sky. Yes, I could have adjusted the sensitivity of the camera, but I prefer to adjust the way I point the camera.

The battery life has been exceptional. It takes 8 AA batteries and I have spent the whole season on two sets of batteries and there is still a lot of life left. They also have a solar powered cellular camera, the SpyPoint Link-S, which I might add next year. It’s a bigger camera and a bit more expensive, but if you use a camera all year round, it would be worth it.

What to buy the Spypoint link micro

The Link Micro is SMALL. My cell phone is bigger than the camera in terms of size. It’s easy to hide and hide, perfect when you need it for security as well. Durability and quality are as good as anything that comes close to the price bracket, if not better. I would not hesitate to buy several and cover my entire hunting property.

It is a 10 megapixel camera with a detection range and a flash range of 80 feet. The trigger speed is 0.5 seconds, which makes it fast for the cost.

That’s the other cool thing – this camera comes at a mini price. It’s definitely a camera you should have in your arsenal.

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