SPORTDOG training collar reviews 2022

sportdog training collar reviews

Sportdog Training Collar Review The SD 1825 is easy to use and versatile. It is designed for everyone including pet owners, obedience trainers, and hunters.


If you really love camouflage, be sure to check out the SportDOG SD-1825 camouflage before choosing the SportDOG SD 1825!

The SportDOG SD1825 is a one-dog system, but you can add a second collar and a third collar at any time in the future if your needs change.

Or buy a SPORTDOG collar at the best price?

  • SportDOG – Dog Training Collar System, SportTrainer Remote Control, Submersible, 7 Stimulation Levels (Electrostatic, Vibration, Sound Signal) – Range 450 m

    • RANGE: Electronic collar with a range of 450m and can be used to train 3 dogs at the same time
    • STIMULATIONS: 7 levels of electrostatic stimulation (low, medium or high ranges) with a choice of momentary or continuous stimulation. Possibility of training with vibration and tone
    • DRYTEK: This system is equipped with our DryTek technology which makes it waterproof and submersible up to 7.5 m; the receiver collar is suitable for dogs of 4kg or more with neck sizes 13-55cm
    • BATTERIES: The training system recharges in just 2 hours to provide between 40 to 70 hours of autonomy. Remote control, Collar Receiver feature a low battery indicator
    • HELP: User guide and French speaking Customer Service (tel 00800 1818 2020) provide assistance if needed. 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Additional collar for SD-425E

    Additional collar for SD-425E
  • SportDog SD1225 – Training collar 1200 m range – SportDog

    A dog training collar with a range of 1200 m – SportDog.This training collar can control up to 3 dogs, is used for hunting in particular.Compact rechargeable and waterproof remote control.Rechargeable and waterproof collar.3 stimulation modes ( low, medium high) each including 8 adjustable stimulation levels Possibility of momentary (flash) or continuous stimulation Sound or vibration option 3-year warranty Our products and accessories comply with CE standards. Beware of counterfeits and direct import products (United States, Canada, etc.) on which you will pay customs duties upon receipt of the package, which do not comply with European standards and which do not benefit from ANY GUARANTEE in France.

Things to look out for before buying a SPORTDOG collar:

sportdog training collar reviews
  • Do I want to train with continuous or momentary stimulation?
  • Do I want a vibration or a tone?
  • What if I want both the vibration and the tone?
  • How Much Scope Do I Really Need?
  • How many dogs will I want to control from a single transmitter?
  • Do I need a regular stimulation collar or does my dog ​​need a stronger level of stimulation?
  • Is the collar stimulation too much for my dog?
  • What if I have a mild-tempered dog and one that requires a much higher level of stimulation?
  • What if I need a different level for a gentler dog?

Some of these decisions can be difficult to make as many people have never USED a training collar before.

Collier de dressage SPORTDOG SD-1825X

The SportDOG 1825 gives you the flexibility to customize your system according to YOUR needs. It also allows you to change the configuration as your needs change. Or if you want different options in different situations.

The SportDOG SD 1825 may well be a revolution in dog training collar technology. 5 years ago SportDOG hit the market and gave us features that older companies refused to add to their systems. 

Without SportDOG, you wouldn’t have waterproof transmitters or expandable multi-dog systems. The next time you drop your transmitter in the water. Make sure to thank the boys at SportDOG for forcing other companies to step up in their design.

Now SportDOG has put the cover back by putting the highest level of versatility in a long range collar. Oh, what if I tell you it only costs 250 €

Customizing your transmitter

The most amazing part of the SportDOG SD 1825 is the versatility of the transmitter. This device is designed so that you can select the stimulation settings that match your needs and you can change them if your needs change without having to purchase a new device.

The SD 1825 has 13 different transmitter mode selections which allow you to choose your transmitter configuration. Functional choices on the transmitter include Continuous, Momentary, Tone, Vibration, Low Continuous-High Continuous, Low Momentary-High Momentary, 3-dog mode with one button per dog (Continuous or Momentary based on toggle switch), tone with stimulation delay, +2 jump level and a programmable continuous hot button.

While that sounds like a bunch, I find most people are going to find the right setting for them and stick to it. I use two different modes depending on whether I’m training or hunting. When I train I use the Low Continuous-High Continuous mode. When I hunt I run 3 dog mode with one button per dog. Changing the transmitter modes is quick and easy.

Do I want a vibration or a tone?

The 1825 is the first SportDOG system to offer vibration. We have had vibrations on other brands but SportDOG gives us a new twist. The other SportDOG systems only had sound. The tone / vibration combination allows people who want more options for non-electrical stimulation to have a few options.

What if I want both the vibration and the tone?

The problem with other systems is that you have been limited on the number of commands you can teach with a single option without stimulation (tone OR vibration). The 1825 gives you both.

Teach your retriever to sit with tone and remember with vibration Teach your pheasant dog to quarter on vibration and remember on tone Work an entire field without ever making a sound. vibration as a warning and tone as a command of praise.

While I’m not the biggest supporter of dollar warnings, I understand a lot of people want this option. They may not use it in the long term or start using it and change their method later. The good thing here is that we have a system that ALLOWS you to have this functionality if you want to.

The great thing about the 1825 is that if you want to try out a warning option, it’s better to go for the vibe rather than the tone. Since you can add and remove vibrations to the configured mode at any time, the 1825 gives you the option to try it out, but you’re not stuck with that when you want to try something else.

How Much Scope Do I Really Need?

The 1825 is listed as a one mile range system. While I haven’t tested it on all terrains yet, we’ve done just over 2 1/2 miles in North Dakota this fall on flat, open terrain. Yeah. 2 1/2 miles. We’re going to do more testing with this, but it beat every other system we had in its class.

What was also really cool was the way it gets full range regardless of the angle of the collar to the transmitter. The location of the internal collar antenna can determine whether you get the same range when your dog approaches you as when he is turned away.

How many dogs will I want to control from a single transmitter?

The SportDOG SD 1825 is a one dog system and you can add up to two additional dogs at any time, making it a one, two or three dog system. All functions work for the selection of one or two dogs. When switching to a three-dog setup, you’re limited to Mode 7 (eight levels of continuous and eight levels of momentary) with each dog having a separate button for stimulation selection.

I prefer this mode when working with several dogs. While that doesn’t give me as wide a range of stimulation choices (you only have 8 in the one button per dog mode), I find that I don’t need that level of detail when I have three dogs on the ground.

Customizing your SportDOG SD-1825 Collar / Receiver

Do I need a regular stimulation collar or does my dog ​​need a stronger level of stimulation? What if the stimulation is too strong for my dog? If your mild-tempered dog and one who require a much higher level of stimulation? What if I need a different level for a gentler dog?

One of the new features of the 1825 collar is the ability to raise and lower the overall stimulation level of the system. The 1825 collar can be set to three different stimulation levels. The collar has a low, medium and high stimulation setting. This allows you to find the exact level of stimulation your dog needs. You can also set multiple dog collars at different levels if you have dogs that need more or less stimulation than the other dogs in your pack. Many of my dogs require the high stim collar, but the majority of my herd use the Medium setting.

The first four domains I look at on an electronic collar

When I start looking at a new system, I cover four areas that people will interact with the most when using a remote training collar. The interface between the user and the tools is important enough to know how happy you will be with the product in the long run. These areas are:

Collar Activation Button  – Whenever you use your new system, you first turn on the collar. It should be quick and easy, but not so easy that the collar can turn on OR turn off when it is on the dog. The 1825 button is easy to access, easy to activate, and I had no problem turning it on or off by accident. I am also very happy with the size of the button. It is large enough to be easy to find and use.

Collar Strap Buckle  – The next thing you use is the Collar Strap Buckle. Buckles should be well made, secure and easy for your dog to put on and take off. SportDOG has a new loop that I love. It is a roller buckle combined with the K9 (square) buckle design with rounded corners. It is super easy to put on and the most secure design in a necklace buckle. It won’t come off on the ground if you put it on correctly.

Transmitter Buttons  – The next part you will interact with are the buttons on the transmitter. One of the disadvantages of waterproof transmitters is that they must have waterproof buttons. Most waterproof buttons are either spongy, too small, or too hard. SportDOG makes the best buttons. They are a very comfortable size and react well when pressed. It sounds really simple, but it’s a rare thing.

Transmitter dial  – The last of the four main features is the stimulation dial. Dials should be easy to turn, but not so easy that they turn on their own. They should have a tactile feel so you know when you’ve changed levels. They should also be easy to use in multiple situations, including hot, dry, humid or humid weather conditions. It is also important that you can use a dial while wearing gloves. The only thing SportDOG does better than its buttons are their dials. The 1825 dial offers a nice feel and a rubber coating that gives you a perfect grip – easy to use in all weather conditions and works well with gloves on.

SportDOG SD-1825 transmitter

The SportDOG SD 1825 transmitter is small enough that it doesn’t get in my way, but it fits in my hand and is durable. It has the “tactile” feel in the dial of the transmitter I want. I can change levels without looking at the transmitter. You can also select the dog I want to correct using the toggle switch and never take your eyes off the dog.

I can also operate it with one hand. With my thumb I can change the levels on the dial and I can use the buttons. It makes life easy. No need for the two-handed operation you get in so many high end necklaces on the market today. I always have something else in my hands when I train. I don’t want to have to ask anything to operate my transmitter. Period.

I also need a multi-dog system. I use the collar on the neck and I use it on the stomach to teach “whoa”. I also sometimes like to run three bird dogs at the same time.

Thanks to the customizable transmitter, you can use the SportDOG SD1825 as a training collar AND as a hunting collar. I use MODE-2 (16 levels of continuous “two dog” stimulation) set up for training. When I prepare to run three dogs at the same time, I quickly switch to MODE-3 (8 levels of continuous, 8 levels of momentary with a button for each dog). In the field, I really prefer the “one button per dog” option. I find it makes it easier to keep track of my dogs.

The SportDOG SD-1825 is preset to MODE-1 right out of the box. A lot of people will like this setup. (Lower Button: Momentary, Upper Button: Continuous, Side Button: Tone) This gives you 8 level stepless momentary collar, 8 level with separate tone button independent of stimulation for dog 1 and dog 2.

I prefer MODE-2 (rocker switch down) which gives you 16 levels of continuous stimulation. Using the Intensity dial (1-8), the lower button gives you 8 levels of continuous stimulation in the lower intensity range, and the upper button gives you 8 levels of continuous stimulation in the upper intensity range. This setting gives you a wide choice of stimulation levels that will allow you to work even with the most sensitive dogs. You can also use this mode in a two dog setup using the toggle switch and additional Add-A-Dog collar.

If you prefer to use momentary stimulation as desired, MODE-2 (rocker switch up). This gives you 16 momentary and 16 continuous levels (1-8 low and high) with a separate tone knob.

I use my collars from a distance to train. For training I need a collar with a wide choice of low level continuous stimulation. I also need high levels to stop the “unwanted chase”.

Collier SportDOG SD-1825

The SD 1825 features a new slim neck design. The 1825 Collar is designed to fit closer to the dog’s neck and give a better profile look. The SD-1825 uses a 3/4 inch collar strap. It is smaller than any collar receiver in its price and feature range.

I am really delighted with the look and feel of these new collars. It took me very little time to adjust to the 3/4 inch strap. After using it for a while, I really prefer the size. It’s amazing how much this little change makes to the look of the collar on your dog. It helps me since my dogs wear regular ID collars, the 1825 collar and at least one tracking collar. I am also very fond of the shape of the collar. While the size isn’t really much smaller than other brands, the shape fits closer to the dog’s neck. This makes it smaller and less noticeable.

SportDOG SD-1825 necklace modes

Another novelty of the 1825 collar is the possibility of modifying the stimulation parameters at the collar level. The collar has a low, medium and high setting. This allows you to find the correct stimulation range for your dog. Reduce overall stimulation choices for more sensitive dogs and increase levels for hard-headed or stubborn dogs. It’s a really great idea and has some cool applications.

The good thing is that you can change the power output of the collar if you need to. If you have a really tough dog, ride him. If you have a more sensitive dog, you can back him up.

The best part is that you can use different collars powered from the same transmitter. Suppose you have a hard Brittany and a temperate SPG – really, it can happen. ????Set one collar at the top and one at the bottom. This way you won’t have to make such a big transition to the transmitter dial when working both dogs at the same time.

You can change the collar setting at any time. You can also install collars at different levels and work them from the same transmitter. This allows you to work sensitive and stubborn dogs from the same transmitter.

SportDOG SD-1825 battery system

SportDOG now uses fast charging lithium ion batteries. This allows us fast charging (two hours from a fully discharged battery) and a longer run time between charges. SportDOG now also uses docking stations or cradles to charge the 1,825 necklaces. This is great because it eliminates the need to plug directly into the collar to charge it. This helps with waterproofing and keeps the collars cleaner. This is an area where SportDOG lags behind other companies. We’re pretty happy that they’ve added this feature to the new line and look forward to their brand’s other necklaces catching up.

Some other things you should know about the 1825

The SD-1825 has a horn option available separately. The 1825 is also compatible with other SportDOG “Series 5” systems, including the SD-425, 825, 1225, 1875, 2525 and 3225. You cannot use it with older transmitters or collars such as than the SD-400, 800, or 1800.

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