The 4 Best 11 Person Tents for Camping Review

Our ranking to choose the best 4-person tent for camping

Buying a tent for camping is no easy task. The different manufacturers offer a wide range of models with specific tents for each type of tourist:

  • those who travel alone with everything they need on their shoulders,
  • for families looking for a large and comfortable product.
  • Grand Canyon Zelt Atlanta 4 4p Cr | 330031

    Grand Canyon Zelt Atlanta 4 4p Cr | 330031
  • Coleman Spruce Falls 4 Tent, 4 Person Vis-A-Vis Tunnel Tent with Dark Sleeping Cabin, 4 Man Family Tent, Waterproof WS 4.500mm

    • Dark night sleeping area (99% less daylight) for restful and above all long sleep until the morning, without annoying sun rays or night irradiation.
    • Another advantage of the dark sleeping area is that the temperature inside the tent is cooler in hot weather, up to 5 ° Celsius lower. UV GUARD, comparable to a sun protection factor of around 50+.
    • 2 separate beds, reflective reinforcement ropes, rain apron and fiberglass frame. The seams are taped and contribute to a better seal.
    • With mosquito net and ventilation slits in the bedroom. The delivery also includes guy ropes, turf pegs and a carrying bag.
    • Interior dimensions of the bedroom (LxWxH): 140 x 210 x 160 cm per bedroom. Storage space (LxWxH): 180 x 230 x 205 cm.
  • Tectake 4-6 Person Family Camping Tent, Tunnel Tent – 480 Cm X 350 Cm X 195 Cm – Gray

    Tectake 4-6 Person Family Camping Tent, Tunnel Tent – 480 Cm X 350 Cm X 195 Cm – Gray

Best 4 person tent our comparison

When buying a tent. It is also important to take into account different factors such as the type of fabric, shape, size, ease of assembly and, of course, the price.
Here is a list of the best family models that can accommodate up to 4 people.

Coleman Granite Peak – The Dream Tent

best 4 person tent best 4 person tent

When it comes to deciding which tent to choose, there are always a few factors to consider. The most common are spacious and sturdy tents, mosquito nets, etc.

However, not many people are looking for what they really should be looking for. The real purpose of these products is to serve as a substitute for a part. In other words, the idea is that they should be used for sleeping.

Therefore, there is no better 4 person tent than the Coleman Granite Peak. Whose main function is to provide good sleep experience to users. As well as great comfort, thanks to the large internal space available to it.

The main reason why this tent is ideal for sleeping. This is because it is made with a black out coating. Which is perfect because very strong lights cannot penetrate the fabric. This will allow you to stay more focused on your dreams.

In addition, the fabric itself is twice as thick as normal fabric. This allows you to be safe from annoying noises, sunlight or light radiation.

If you want to get this product, you are advised to go to Amazon and do a search, as you will find the best price there.

Coleman Mountain Warehouse – The Mountaineering Tent

One of the reasons people often use a tent is that they go hiking in the mountains. However, this kind of adventure can be a bit difficult at times, especially since the ground in the mountains is very rocky and can end up damaging the tent.

Fortunately, there are exclusive models for this type of activity, like the Coleman Mountain Warehouse Instant Tourer. A tent that has the rigidity to be used on any mountain in the world. The trick to making a tent withstand mountain terrain is the material of the fabric.

In this case, the tent is made of polyester. Which is ideal because it is very strong and resistant and does not break in the face of sharp objects. Like rocky surfaces. It is a dome tent, therefore very high, up to 2 meters high. Which is perfect for everyone to get in and out without a problem.

If you want to know more about this product, order it on Amazon, where you will get a unique and unbeatable price.

Skandika Bergen – Perfect ventilation

best Skandika 4 person tent

Perfect ventilation is something you don’t get with just any type of tent. Normally, these products are equipped with some mesh windows. Which filter some ventilation. But generally not enough to maintain a constantly cool environment.

However, the Skandika Bergen model changes all that. This tent has huge openings, which can be fully open, semi-closed or closed. This way you can keep control of how much ventilation you want.

The openings are at the front, exactly at the front door of the tent, and on the sides. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to open them whenever you want. But it’s also important to note that one of the biggest advantages of this product is the low weight it represents when unassembled.

It is therefore possible to carry the tent on your back or in your arms when it is not set up. The best way to get this 4 man tent is through Amazon, where the prices are much cheaper than any other online store.

Coleman Coastline Deluxe – Quilted Tent

Coleman Coastline Deluxe 4 Person Sleeping Tent, Green, 4 Person

When you want to buy a 4 person tent and you don’t know which model to choose, think carefully. But there is a good chance that you will always end up choosing the Coleman Coastline Deluxe model.

It is one of the brand’s most popular tents. Particularly because of the many additional benefits it provides.

In itself, it is a tunnel tent, which is already an advantage in itself. Because they are the ones that have the most interior space. But it is also divided into three stations. With two halls and an exclusive sleeping station. Where four people can sit comfortably.

What few people know. This is the great secret of success of this tent 4 places is that the purchase, it includes a double mattress. An advantage that not all of these products have the luxury to offer.

This mattress is exactly the same size as the sleeping station. As a result, it therefore adapts perfectly and allows greater comfort during the nap.

Are you going to miss this offer? We recommend that you take advantage of it and head to Amazon to get yours.

Coleman Da Gama – Compact and luxurious

best Coleman Da Gama 4 person tent. Tunnel tents, green color, for 4 people

If you are looking for the best compact, comfortable and luxurious 4 person tent. So, we recommend the Coleman Da Gama,

A very practical model, which has two compartments at the back. Where four people can easily settle down. It also has a very spacious living space. It can accommodate up to 5 additional people if you take the inflatable mattresses.

What sets this tent apart the most. It is its tunnel shape, which gives it a large interior space, and the water column, ideal for protection from heavy rains.

It is a product that you can also find on Amazon with an unbeatable offer that you cannot miss.

Other 4 person tent models to look at:

Family trial Ferrino Proxes 4

Let’s move on to the Ferrino Proxes Family 4 tent. A tunnel model for 4 people with good construction and plenty of interior space.

This tent weighs 11 kilos and has a double roof and an additional floor which guarantees good insulation from the outside. There are also large side openings with mosquito nets.

Ridgeline 4 Plus Tent

The Ridgeline 4 is a 4 person tunnel model. It is distinguished by the considerable height of the central part of the dome (205 cm). An area where there are openings to facilitate air circulation.

This tent has large opposing rooms 140cm wide and 160cm high. It is also very resistant and easy to assemble.

Best 4-person tent under 150 €

You don’t want to spend a fortune on a family camping ten. Then the list below will please you.

Discover a selection for all the family in a price range between 50 and 150 eur maximum .

  • Outsunny 4-5 Person Camping Tent
  • TecTake Tunnel XXL tent
  • CampFeuer Tunnel Tent for 4 People
  • FE Active – 3-4 person tent with quick and easy assembly

The selection criteria to take into account before buying a 4-person tent?

assembly materials

The materials that the tent comes with are one of the things you should consider before purchasing. Remember that the tent is not just the canvas itself.

But that it also comes with a base. On which the canvas is attached, the sardines, so that the tent is fixed to the ground or to the surface where you want to place it, among other things. Of course, this can mean heavier weight in the tent itself, which is why you should always inquire about the amount of assembly materials.


Some tents stand out because they are made of components that are ideal for certain types of situations. For example, there are those who have good firmness in their seams and are immune to the wind. Or also those which have mesh in the openings, to have better ventilation.

But the best are these 4 person tents which are waterproof. One of the biggest fears of those who go for a hike or want to camp somewhere is rain. It is therefore advisable to buy an anti-water product and thus avoid this fear every time you go out.


A while ago we talked about ventilation. This is a topic that is rarely taken into account when analyzing a tent. But it is of the utmost importance.

Ventilation relates to openings that are found throughout the tent. Whether in the front door, the back, in the side windows or anywhere else inside and outside. The more ventilation, the more benefits you get for sleeping and staying cool the next day.

Additional benefits

Obviously, a regular tent comes with the base. Which generally needs to be assembled, and the canvas, which is what sits on the base. In order to set up the tent itself. These are the main tools.

But it is also true that some products come with additional accessories. Which become an added advantage.

For example, some tents include a small table to place inside. There are even some that come with extra fabric or extra base, as a precaution.

So, before you buy, the best thing to do is to check if the tent you want to buy has any additional benefits.


The lighting in a tent is very relative. In many cases, most of the lights are natural. So there is no need to have something artificial. But a kind of window that overlooks the sunlight, for example.

However, there are also models that do not have windows. But you can add artificial light, which comes from a bulb placed in the middle. The only thing is that it would take a power plant to turn it on. Unless the bulb works on batteries. In any case, it remains very useful at night.

Best brands of 4 person tents

  • Skandika – This brand makes the best 4 person tents, with more than adequate interior space and the ability to accommodate more people in the spacious halls they include.
  • ColemanColeman tents are among the most luxurious tents on the market and offer the most added benefits. They often come with spare fabric, air mattresses and more.
  • Outwell – The Outwell brand is one of the leading tent exporters in the world and is well known in the international market. Especially when it comes to 4 person tents.

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