Top 7 GSM Hunting Camera (Review 2022)

A GSM trail camera is essential. Especially if you want to view pictures of wild animals from your smartphone.

While choosing the best cellular trail camera, you must make sure that it has a wide cellular coverage, fast triggering speed and reasonable price.

So let’s discover some of the best GSM hunting camera for 2022 without further delay. 

What is the best GSM trail camera to buy?

Spartan GoCam 4G / LTE trail camera

The Spartan GoCam is a camera with a very fast trigger speed. Which is a great option for surveillance. 

You will notice that it comes with a small 8MP sensor and that it will be good for close range imaging only. But it produces a very good quality image for this beach. 

The remote access tracking camera can easily handle 720p. If you are looking for a very practical device with little gimmicks. This one is indeed a good start. 

The device is activated with an AT&T SIM card and you don’t have to worry about activating your SIM card. 

The appearance of this device features a camp design to support your stealth motives as well. 

The device supports data storage up to 32 GB. It can work easily with a temperature range of -20 to 60 ° C. 

Covert Blackhawk 20 LTE GSM Hunting Camera

If you are wondering which is the best wireless tracking camera and you don’t want to search anymore. Here is your answer. 

The best cellular trail camera of 2020 is “Blackhawk 20 LTE” from Covert Scouting. 

The camera comes with a high quality wireless web portal from the company. This, for higher performance and capacity. 

These include wind and weather information. Access to real-time control and quick viewing of images. This is the best 4G trail camera in this price range.

This Verizon wireless camera is heat and motion activated. You can also trigger it by time-lapse. 

You could have sent the images by SMS. But with the specialized mobile application. You can see these images instantly. In the world of wireless trail camera technology, the Blackhawk 20 is leading the way. 

You have security at your fingertips with these features. The wireless game camera comes with a 20MP sensor. It supports up to 32 GB of memory card. It works with 12 AA batteries and gives you a 64 degree angle of view.

Creative XP 3G Night Vision Cellular Camera

If you have to deal with slow data coverage in your area. You can always opt for a device with built-in Wi-Fi capability. 

Therefore, data transfer will not be a problem for you. It is the best cellular game camera with wifi capabilities.

When you closely evaluate the results produced by the Creative XP 3G. You will notice that it produces quality images even in low light conditions. 

The camera is equipped with night vision. Its Full HD results will offer you incomparable quality. 

The device is fully waterproof and comes with a very sensitive motion sensor as well as a troubleshooting function. 

Most of the cameras that come with night vision are very difficult to install and take a long time. It is arguably the best cellular trail camera for hunting. 

Moultrie Mobile 7000i cellular trail camera

Moultrie Mobile 7000i is a cellular camera that you will find in the market to provide you with an excellent camouflage design. 

You can opt for a Verizon SIM card or an AT&T SIM card with it. 

Whichever service provider you choose, you can use this game camera which sends photos to the phone or to your computer.

Another great feature of this camera is that it comes with an invisible flash. Which means it can take pictures in the dark without your target knowing anything. 

The camera’s sensor is 20MP and can take clear images in the dark, especially those at close range. 

You can easily access your images through the web portal or from the app without any problem. You do not have to enter into a contract and there are no cancellation fees either. 

The smallest GSM Spypoint Link-Micro hunting camera

Spypoint has always been one of the main contenders in the trail camera market. 

Spypoint wireless hunting cameras are known for their quality and the Link-Micro is no different either. 

The resolution of the sensor of this cellular camera will not be very large (10MP). But it still delivers power supply performance. 

The camera supports memory cards so you can save whatever you want and share it another time. 

It comes with a camouflage design. while having an integrated LED flash. Secret imagery will therefore not be an option in this scenario. 

The camera can handle a 0.5 second trigger speed and it also has an 80ft flash and detection range. 

This camera is ideal for short distances. See our feedback on the Spypoint link micro

Browning Defender 20MP Wireless Camera

Here is another GSM hunting camera that comes with a 20MP sensor. 

The Browning Defender camera works great in the dark. In addition, it provides clear photos. This even in dark environments.

It works with 8 AA batteries which only support SDHC cards. 

The device works well with alkaline and lithium batteries and can be a good option if you’ve been looking for a long time. 

There is an information bar display which can tell you the time, date, current battery status including other information. 

The best part is that the purchase of this camera includes a 64GB SDHC card with 8 AA batteries, so you don’t have to buy them separately. 

The camera has a nice and fast shutter speed and can take pictures from long distances.

Spypoint LINK-S 4G and LTE solar camera

The Link-S comes with a trigger speed as fast as 0.07 seconds. It is the best wireless camera in terms of trigger speed. 

But that’s not all, the camera can also detect movement at around 30 meters. 

These GSM hunting cameras also come with a set of 42 integrated LEDs. That work great in low light conditions. 

You can easily manage your SIM card and media using the free mobile app. Which is an added advantage. 

You have access to a free plan that lets you take 100 photos every month without paying a dime. But if you think that 100 photos a month is not enough. There is a premium plan for you to take more animal pictures. 

The 4G tracking camera works with 8 AA batteries and can last quite a long time. 

How to choose your GSM hunting camera?

There are several types of wireless tracking cameras on the market. The two main ones are:

  • close range camera
  • while the other is the long range camera.

Short range

Short range cameras come with wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. These wireless hunting cameras not only have strong signals. But also a short range which is limited to the signal range of your wifi or Bluetooth connection.

If you are not going to expand your network of cameras over acres. This is indeed the type of hunting camera that will suit the best . These cameras are suitable for short range applications such as wildlife viewing or close surveillance. 

Long range

If you want to monitor a large area. So, you will need a long range wireless surveillance camera. These wireless surveillance cameras are equipped with cellular technology and use SIM cards for data transmission. 

They work like your cell phone and the coverage is pretty good. You won’t even have to worry about trees and terrain. But you need to have many cameras in your network for better communication. These cameras are better suited for hunting and surveillance. 

How do wireless hunting cameras work?

Wireless surveillance cameras work on your cellular data, on your Wifi / Bluetooth, or both. They work like any other device on the Internet for file sharing. 

In the field, the best surveillance cameras take photos, capture video and send them to your connected computer or mobile device. The medium for this sharing is generally a web portal or a mobile application. 

When using a computer, you can visit the website or use a program to access any information or media that the field camera has shared with you. When using a mobile phone, you need to download an application and access all media shared by the field camera. 

The images shared with you by the camera in the field will only take a minute, and with better coverage, it will take even less time. 

You won’t need to go to the point where you’ve set up your camera and see what happens, as you’ve placed a pair of eyes in the woods to meet your surveillance needs. It can be very useful for hunting as you follow different animals. 

Tips to consider for the cellular network

There are several points you should keep in mind when choosing a cellular network. The overall performance of your device or network will depend on this information. 

If you do not choose the right option, it will lead to a lot of desperation and you will waste your time and money. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind when choosing a network for your cell tracking camera.

Cellular network technology

First of all, you need to think about which technology you should prefer for your cellular network. It is a question of choosing between 3G, 4G or LTE services. 

4G is of course a better option than 3G because it is faster and works better in different terrains. But it’s also expensive, especially if you compare it to 3G service plans. 

Service charge

As we just mentioned, 4G plans are expensive compared to 3G plans. 5G is also coming, so 4G prices are going down. But it also means that 3G plans are getting even cheaper. 

Of course, the quality of service will matter the most, but sometimes you only cover a small area and even 3G service would work pretty well. 

Service areas

Coverage is also a major concern as some areas are still not covered by 4G service. 

4G has been rampant in recent years, but there are still areas where 3G is available and 4G is not available. So you need to check their service areas before choosing a plan.

Network providers

And of course with the service area you will have to go through different service providers in your area. Some service providers offer 4G services in different areas, while others have not yet upgraded their services to 3G. 

Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T are the largest service providers, offering 3G and 4G services in many parts of the country. So you should choose one of these providers for better quality services.

How to Choose the Best Cellular Track Camera?

When it comes to choosing the right kind of tracking camera, there are other features that you should consider. In the following passage, we’ll highlight them all for your convenience.


Undoubtedly, when choosing a surveillance camera, you should choose the cellular network compatible with your region. You will not have a good time using your camera if it is working on the cellular network which has no geographic coverage in your area. Therefore, whether you are looking for 3G or 4G, make sure that the network is available in your geographic region. 


Since this is a camera, you will therefore have to contemplate the power of the lens that comes with it. Anything above 12 MP is sufficient for short to medium range imaging. If you are looking to take a long stance, you should go for a 20MP or larger camera. This way, even in the dark, the images will be very clear. 

PIR range

PIR stands for Passive InfraRed and it is a very important feature for taking photos or capturing videos in dark or dark conditions. With this feature, your tracking camera does not need to rely on an LED flash. If you want to be stealthy, this is a must have feature that must be in your tracking camera. 


The range of your camera when shooting in bright light is also very important. If it doesn’t produce clear images, there is no point in wasting your money on such a camera. You have to be very careful when choosing the range that your camera can cover when selecting a product.


If you don’t want visual noise in your images and videos, you should go for a camera sensor that is powerful enough to produce high quality images even in low light conditions. High megapixels with high resolutions will give you excellent photo quality. 

But these two features also add to the overall cost. Therefore, you need to balance it out and go for a combo that settles things for you. For long distances 1080p is the right option, while for short distances you should have at least 720p.

Trigger speed

Trigger speed is critical when a device takes photos in the field. You don’t want to miss any action and if your camera’s reaction time is slow; you will miss a lot. So if a camera has a high trigger speed, you can get multiple images in a very short time. Usually 0.1-0.5 second trigger speed will work well.


This function is directly linked to the network and the coverage of the area. If you have a good cellular network, you will be frequently notified by your camera when it takes a photo. This is only possible when you have strong signals. 

Usually, a tracking camera is considered good enough if it alerts you on your phone or computer within 1 minute of taking a photo. Of course, you can change it in the settings and make it more suitable for your needs.


Most surveillance cameras run on AA batteries (alkaline or lithium). And most of them require an 8-12 battery pack. If you are using a camera with wifi or bluetooth capabilities, it will consume more battery. Cellular track cameras are slightly better on battery consumption. But in most cases, these batteries can easily last 8-10 months. 

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