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Travel blanket: Here is our comparison and opinion of the best choice

Whether you’re hanging on to wheels or taking to the skies, traveling can be stressful. You can have many hosting preferences, but you won’t always get what you want. One of the best ways to ensure some hygienic comfort while traveling is to use a premium, lightweight, compact travel blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable during your trip. The best travel blankets will also be soft and durable for car, bus, train or plane travel. If you’re not sure which model or brand to choose, you can use our comprehensive guide and list of the top five travel blankets to help you plan your trip.

Travel Blanket Comparison: Prices and deals for this week’s top sellers

How to choose the best travel blanket – buying guide

It’s safe to say that you want to travel in comfort, so your blanket should be cozy and warm. A warm blanket will be made of a soft material that will not irritate the skin. With added softness, you’ll be more comfortable on your journey. However, it’s important to have a cover that can wick away moisture, as accidental jostling can cause you to spill your drink.

Travel blanket review: Best product of the month

The World’s Best Microfleece Travel Blanket

Lightweight and packable, the world’s softest microfleece travel blanket is a high quality design suitable for the office, home or travel. It is made of 100% polyester fleece fabric which makes it soft and comfortable. Its small size is perfect for slipping your travel backpack in and taking it on the plane. But don’t let the small size fool you. This blanket is still large enough to cover your body and unfolds up to 60 inches. Hygiene can be a concern in public areas, but this blanket is machine washable and easy to keep clean. With a warm water cycle and mild detergent, you can wash this blanket efficiently and sterilize it for your next trip. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a tumble dryer on a low setting and dry the blanket in the dryer. With its premium compact blanket, World’s Best strives to provide you with an enjoyable travel experience.

Travel blanket: Comparison of the top 3 best-selling products

coolmax cocoon travel blanket

Cocoon – Blanket – Coolmax, Men, CMB35, BlueMax, One Size

  • Measurements: 140 cm by 178 cm.
  • Ultra compact and lightweight travel blanket.
  • The CoolMax travel blanket is the perfect companion on planes, trains, in your car and at home.

The Cocoon CoolMax blanket is an ultra-compact blanket that can be carried on planes, trains and cars. The blanket is made of 100% polyester, which is soft and durable. Polyester is damage resistant, so any accidental snagging along the way should never damage or puncture the cover. Plus, the polyester fabric is insulating yet breathable. Thanks to its lightness, this blanket will easily wick moisture away from your skin so that you never get too hot during your trip. The drawstring closure carrying case can be easily hung up or carried in a garment bag. Cocoon also makes sure its cover is affordably priced so it can be your perfect travel companion.


When traveling, the weight of your items, when combined, is an important consideration. You probably want to carry as little weight as possible, so a lightweight blanket or  hammock strapwill be the best choice. A well rated compact travel blanket will use a synthetic material or fiber as it is both lightweight and durable. Synthetic fibers, like polyester fleece and micro plush, are always soft and warm without weighing them down, while most natural fibers are too heavy and don’t make a compact blanket. While wool and cotton are attractive materials, they don’t work well for fleece travel blankets. If you are concerned about the material of an airplane blanket and its softness, you can read the reviews on the blankets. Other buyers will likely tell you if their travel blanket is worth it and what features make it better than other brands.


Blanket sizing can be tricky. You want the smallest blanket because it’s convenient to carry, but it still needs to cover your body and keep you warm. A compact blanket can easily be stored in a carrying case and folded into a smaller size, but it should be expanded to a large size when needed. The best blankets for travel are several inches long when compacted in their carrying case, but unfolded they can reach 60 or 70 inches long. The materials used to make the airplane cover is one of the features that can affect its overall size. Natural materials are unlikely to feature in a flight blanket as they can quickly become bulky and heavy. Synthetic materials are ideal because they make it possible to make a compact blanket that can be folded into a small bag. Synthetic materials are also lightweight and durable, which is great for travel. With synthetic materials, a lightweight blanket is more likely to be perfect for covering your body and packing when the time comes.


One of the best features of a foldable travel blanket is that it is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. Although the smaller of the blankets is designed to be used for light travel, such as in airports and airplanes, it can also be used for cars, trains and buses. You may only use your warm blanket on the plane or in the car, but have you considered bringing it to the office? How about using it as a camping blanket?

The best travel blanket can be used anywhere you want to feel more comfortable, whether traveling, at home, or in the office, but you might find yourself buying a model that can be used in a variety of other ways. . As mentioned, a few models of travel blankets can be used as a pillow or lumbar support when folded into their carrying case. This means you have different ways to feel comfortable on your travels. Again, whether you use it as a pillow or a blanket, you should be able to easily take your compact blanket wherever you go.

How do you clean a travel blanket?

For added convenience, the vast majority of fleece travel blankets can be easily cleaned in the washing machine as they are made from a durable synthetic material. The best lightweight travel blanket can even be dried in the dryer so you can prepare it for your next trip without worrying that it will get wet and unusable, but not all blankets are machine washable. The best way to clean your blanket is to confirm the care instructions provided by the brand when you purchase or online. The specific care instructions will help prevent your warm blanket from being damaged and ensure that it is suitable for multiple uses.

Are travel blankets warm enough?

It’s hard to determine if a flight blanket is warm enough. Airplanes can be very cold with the air blowing and other methods of travel may not be much camping tent fanIdeally, a warm blanket for travel will be just that – warm. A good way to judge the warmth of an airplane blanket is to look at the materials used in its manufacture. Microfleece and polyester fleece are warm materials that make great travel blankets, but sometimes even with these materials you wonder if the blanket is warm. When you’ve looked at all the product specs, reviewing the covers is another great resource for determining design warmth. Often, reviewers will tell you right away if the blanket is hot and worth the investment.

Are travel blankets allowed on planes?

Yes. A ground cover is designed for use in airplanes to ensure your comfort for the duration of the flight. On longer flights, some airlines provide their own blankets, but these are not as hygienic as bringing your own compact blanket. Most airplane blankets aren’t washed frequently, so it might be a good idea to invest in your own airplane blanket. The only restrictions airlines tend to impose are on weight and number of bags, but the smallest of the blankets was designed to fit in a light backpack or easily hang on the side. With an airplane blanket, you should have no problem taking it with you to your seat. Just make sure that the total weight of your bag does not exceed the limit set by the airline. But with a lightweight travel blanket, you should never have to worry.

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When traveling, staying comfortable can be quite a challenge. But if you are able to travel in comfort, you are less likely to be stressed and frustrated during your trip. Fleece travel blankets are a great addition to your travel gear and can provide warmth, comfort, and ease during your trip. With one of the best travel blankets, you can relax and enjoy the trip. With our suggestions and comprehensive guide, we want to help you find the best travel coverage that will become your reliable travel companion.


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