Waterproof Hunting Backpacks and Cheap Leather Backpacks


When you go hunting you spend many hours in the mountains and it is essential that carry certain equipment with you such as warm clothes, provisions, raincoat, etc. and for this they are designed hunting backpacks why do you have to carrying these objects throughout the day, traveling many kilometers and without them it would be impossible.

If you are passionate about big game hunting, it goes without saying that you will have to spend many hours without being able to move from the site, waiting for the prey, and you will have to have with you everything you need to survive (hence they are also called survival)



SHANNA Military Backpack, 35L Tactical Backpack Army Backpack MOLLE Assault Pack Tactical Combat Backpack for Outdoor Hiking Camping Trekking Fishing Hunting (Jungle Camouflage)

SHANNA Military Backpack, Tactical Backpack 35L…


Koolehaoda Vintage Casual Canvas Leather Shoulder Backpack Backpack Rucksack Hiking Bag (Army Green)

Koolehaoda Canvas Leather Shoulder Backpack…



Gamo Stalking Backpack, Man, Green, One Size

Gamo Stalking Backpack, Man, Green, One Size

Tourbon Small Hunting Backpack with Rifle Holder - Green Color, Camouflage Color, Size 24*14*42cm

Tourbon small hunting backpack with mount for…


Markhor Kudu 15 Lt. Veil Hunting Backpack

Markhor Kudu 15 Lt. Veil Hunting Backpack


HUNTVP 12L Tactical Military Assault Backpack Molle Shoulder Bag for Hiking Hunting Camping - Black Camouflage Color

HUNTVP 12L Tactical Military Assault Backpack…


Martinez Albainox AB Barbaric Black Backpack 60 L for Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering, Hunting, Outdoors, Multi-Function Cycling Nylon Barbaric Force 34936-NE + Gift Bottle Holder

Martinez Albainox AB Mochila barbaric Negra 60 L…


Mardingtop 28L Tactical Military Backpack Molle Assault Bag Motorcycle Backpack Unisex Hiking Backpacks for Camping, Hunting, Outdoors Cycling and More Army Green

Mardingtop 28L Tactical Military Backpack Storage…


HUNTVP Tactical Military Style Assault Backpack Large 25L Waterproof Nylon Backpack for Outdoor Activities Hiking Hunting Traveling (Camouflage)

HUNTVP Tactical Military Style Assault Backpack…


I am one of those who try to reduce the things I carry with me to a minimum because having to carry them for hours puts a lot of physical strain on me, so I buy light, practical and resistant backpacks giving more importance to these characteristics than to aesthetics, although almost all of them are already designed with camouflage colors to go unnoticed.

Why is it essential that you buy a hunting backpack?

Because there is no other way that you can take with you everything you are going to need throughout the hunting day and I am not only referring to food but also things such as binoculars, jackets, cameras, raincoats, etc.

I see the backpacks essential for big game hunting, raids, stalking of roe deer, fallow deer, deer, wild boar, etc. instead yes you practice small game hunting with a simple backpack it would be enough to take the sandwich, the canteen and store the pieces that you collect.

cheap hunting backpacks

In our store you have different models of hunting backpacks that you should not confuse with others that exist out there, which are used by young people to carry their clothes when they go on a trip (I am not saying that they can be used for you, but each thing for which is…)

You have them for all tastes and “pockets” from very cheap to very expensive, my advice is that you choose according to your needs and with a medium term you will be more than enough.

Would a camping backpack work for you?

The answer is yes because it really is the same thing, what happens is that each one calls them in a different way but they have the same purpose: to take with you everything you need when you are in the mountains. In fact, many campers buy backpacks or other items here when planning a camping trip

Chiruca hunter backpacks

One of the models most used by my crew is the chiruca backpack, which is a brand that has specialized in articles for nature and the mountains for many years and they know that it is so important material strength with which they make accessories such as camouflage design it means.

The chiruca are backpacks cheap, compared to others because you have to keep in mind quality-price ratio and this brand, in that sense, is number 1, hence it is sales leader. If you are looking for one to make a gift, buying this model, you make sure you are right.

In the market there are many models of backpacks for hunting and each one has their tastes, but always choose one thinking that it is not an adornment accessory but rather it has to be functional and resistant.

Waterproof hunting backpacks

waterproof hunting backpacks

Going hunting in the south is not the same as in the north of Spain, where the rains are a tonic throughout the season.

Keep in mind that the backpack is going to be the bag where you transport everything you need to spend the whole day in the field, such as food, drinks, spare clothes, cartridges, etc. hence the importance of the material being waterproof so that neither the rain nor the humidity of the environment passes through.

Leather hunting backpacks

The portal a backpack of this type is a sign of distinction and there are real works of work, embossed by hand, although it must be said that they have a very high price. I particularly prefer to buy a good quality raincoat and with what I save I buy a higher zoom viewfinder or some chiruca boots or other accessories.

Both hunting backpacks made of leather and those made of leather are actually the same, they are made with the same material: animal fur, the difference lies in the finish that is given to it.

Camouflage hunting backpacks

Many hunters are lovers of those with camouflage colors, which are very similar to the one used by the military, being able to choose from ocher colors to greenish colors in all its shades.


  • It is an essential item for any fan who spends many hours in the field or in the mountains.
  • Do not skimp on price, because you already know that cheap is usually expensive.
  • Forget about those that you can find in Chinese stores and other bazaars, because after four days I assure you that they will tear at the seams.
  • Tip: Buy it online and take advantage of the discounts they offer.

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