Yes, no, this is hunting, but that is not …


Recently a “chicken hunter” said on social networks that being in a boar stall is not hunting (Take it!), But it is that another redeemer only applauded the wild: Killing chickens is not hunting! And note that we also have deaf hunters who cry when a roe deer is killed because it is very beautiful and they feel sorry for them (They will think that woodcocks are ugly, I suppose …), deer hunters unable to assume the outcome of a safari (We return to the handsome and ugly), those who criticize posh hunting because that is not hunting either (often because they don’t get enough to go …) and those of “social hunting is not sustainable, the future is organic” (Often the people bother in the preserve), the purists against the “technological” and vice versa, those who go to the mountains with old jeans and shabby vests against those others who wear ties, the ’95 Montero against the expensive and shiny Land Cruiser …

But let’s not stop there, because the subject gives much more …

Then there are what I call “analog influencers”. Columnists and collaborators who for years have expressed lines and lines of opinion in hunting media and who today criticize the “digital influencers”, who arrived with the rise of social networks, for doing the same (Note that I have put the term influencer in both cases…).

In short, an amalgam of hunting totalitarianism that little or nothing differentiates us from the radical vegan, without going any further, which seeks to prohibit the consumption of meat and by extension, hunting, but we crucify that one as absolutist, tyrant and dictator … ¿¿ How inconsistent, right?

You will understand now that when the term “union” between hunters was coined, I started to laugh … We are going to hang ourselves !.

Yes, no, this is hunting, but that is not …

And I laugh for not crying, which is the true feeling that emerges in me seeing how we constantly strive to mutilate that noble art of venatorio that we supposedly love so much.

Often and although we normally refer to it in collective terms, I have the feeling that the problems of some are irrelevant to others or what is the same, that the wildcat cares little or nothing if they close the quail and that the partridge does not you are going to lose a minute of sleep if you do not enable permits to hunt stalking deer, for example.

An unfortunate lack of global vision based on a… “As long as they don’t touch mine,” which explains the lack of harmony that, at this stage of the game, is neither there nor expected.

But it is more serious than it seems, because not only do we tend to be elusive when it comes to empathizing with other colleagues in low moments, but we also contribute to sharpen them under that stale hunting totalitarianism that drives us.

Hunting totalitarianism | Hunting Notebook

Where is this hunting totalitarianism leading us?

That arrogance of believe us more and better hunters that the one next door only leads us to disappearance, that simple.

You may be surprised by these words, it is even possible that a mocking grin will appear when you read them yourself, but it is only necessary to look back a few months to understand the hunting constraints to which they are forcing us.

I speak of the wolf, I speak of the prohibition of hunting in natural parks, I am talking about the incipient Animal Welfare Law that a radical acquaintance like Sergio García Torres is baking, I am talking about the “run run” on emblematic species of our venatoria such as the red partridge or the quail, I am talking about the turtle dove and I can continue talking about many others more things…

Perhaps they are not direct blows, but they are small slaps that little by little corner us, generating wear and tear and that will end up ending the patience and illusion of those who enjoy going out into the mountains to hunt, to the point of not finding enough motivation to continue doing it.

The culprit, in any case, will always be someone else …

Then the culprit will be anyone, except each one of us, because we are that cynical.

We will always find a suitable scapegoat on which to pour our frustrations, see the federation, the animalists, the government or the Sursum Corda, but the truth is that we are not being able to avoid that point of no return, rather the opposite, We continue to be determined to persecute him, insisting on pondering what is ours and insulting everything else.

That the hunter is his greatest enemy is a common phrase that we all know, but perhaps for this reason we must learn and realize that this arrogance, this hunting totalitarianism, only contributes to endow it with realism.

Hunting totalitarianism | Hunting Notebook

Let’s keep shooting ourselves in the foot …

From time to time and not without reason, they tell me that hunting is a mirror of what happens in today’s society. That envy, pride and selfishness are common scourges that are simply reflected in our activity, but it is also true that in other sectors, when they paint coarse, they do not shoot themselves in the foot and yet we, as we are that way. clumsy, we are already preparing the bullet …

So, as the introduction to this post says, don’t be shy and keep reducing hunting to what you consider it to be and it shouldn’t be, you’ll tell us what you have left when you finish the job …

A hug and the mountain!

Sure you have a lot to contribute and we are looking forward to hearing it, so I encourage you to leave a comment in the form with your opinion.

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